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Monday, March 26, 2012

A man is sitting in his den enjoying a football game when his wife timidly steps in and asks, "Honey, could you fix the front step, someones going to put their foot right through that rotten plank." He scowls and says, "Not now! can't you see I'm in the middle of the game? What's it look like - I got 'Ace Hardware' written on my T-shirt?"

She backs out but returns in a few minutes and interrupts again, "Honey could you replace the bulb in the entry ceiling, it's been flickering all week?" He looks angrily at her and says,"Cripes!, not now woman! What's it look like - I got 'General Electric' written across my T-shirt?"

She retreats but is soon back again asking him to fix the sticky refrigerator door. Upon hearing her request he leaps up and yells, "Damit woman, what's wrong with you? You're making me crazy! You think I got 'Westinghouse' written across my T-shirt? He storms out and heads to the bar to finish the game, slamming the door behind him.

After watching the game and having a few drinks he begins to feel guilty about how he treated his wife and heads home. The first thing he notices is the front step has been replaced. As he walks through the entry he sees a new bulb burning in the hall and when he reaches into the fridge for a beer he realizes the door doesn't stick anymore.

Curious, he looks for his wife and finds her reading in the den and asks her what happened after he left. She calmly looks up from her magazine and tells him, "After you left I was sitting on the front porch crying when a nice young man walked up and asked me what was wrong...and I told him. He said he would fix everything and I could either have sex with him on the couch or bake him a cake." Her husband gulped and slowly asked, "So.....what kind of cake did you bake him?

She fixed him with a cool stare, pointed to her chest and replied, "Whats it look like, I got Betty Crocker written across my T-shirt???

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