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April Goals

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Since I'm spending the week at my parent's house, I decided to take it slow with the goals. Coming here presents its challenges, such as food to be eaten that isn't always within my control, space to exercise, etc. So, I'm going to allow myself to be lenient this first week of April, then as soon as I'm back home, get right to it.

The goals I'm going to continue working on from last month:

emoticonIf I'm going to have something "unhealthy" to eat, I have to have something "healthy" with it. Even if I wasn't always successful with this, it made me more mindful of the choices I was making. I really liked that about this goal, so I'm going to keep it until the mindfulness starts to equal healthier choices every time!

emoticonContinue tracking food and water. 3 days a week, 1 weekend day. This time, though, I'm going to schedule the days I track. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are the days I've chosen to FOR SURE track. I can, and probably will, track the other days as well.

emoticon500 or more fitness minutes this month. I did 1,011 last month, so I know I'm capable, but I'm not ready to make that mental leap to 1000 minutes for this goal yet. I know I'll get there someday.

emoticonEat healthy, home-cooked dinners 4 nights a week. Adding: Even if I'm not cooking for my roommates. I'm not their momma and their financial situations shouldn't be influencing MY diet in any way. I can at least afford to feed myself.

emoticonEat breakfast. Bottom line, I just need to do it. Especially on days I have class.

emoticonStay on top of homework, assignments, and attendance in class. We're more than halfway through the semester. I just need to push myself and fight the boredom.

New goals:

emoticonUse each piece of fitness equipment I own at least once this month. I have three different weighted dumbbells, but I'll count that as one (I think the 10lb-er would kill my wrist), a stability ball, resistance bands, a yoga block, a yoga mat, a jump rope, and a weighted hula hoop. I might give myself a pass on the jump rope due to the fact that I don't like its design and I find it difficult to work with. If I find another jump rope I like, I'll add it back in.

emoticonTry a new cardio routine. I've been doing "Just Dance" on the Wii, each song in quick succession, and doing mostly the hardest songs, but I'd like to mix it up. I love step aerobics, so I'd like to find a routine to do involving that. I may or may not have a stepper awaiting me at my granny's!

emoticonIntegrate more toning/strength training. Currently I only do about 10 minutes after my cardio, so its time to step it up. I'll try to double that to 20 minutes.

emoticonBlog a new page on my website weekly. I bought the domain rights to my website so now its potatoestopeaches.com! (Although if you are still using the address potatoestopeaches.wordpress.co
m, it'll just redirect you to the site no problem.)

Good luck to everyone else on your goals for April!

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