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Spring plateau impatience

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I'm finally taking the time to knock out a blog! Yay!

I've been wanting to blog for a while, but actually sitting still long enough to do so seemed rather impossible. Kinda like trying to talk on the phone when you have kids: next to impossible & highly stressful. But the kids are distracted making chair & blanket forts & watching a cartoon, so I'm making the most of it!

Ok, here's the gist of my problem: over the winter, *thinking* I was prepared & armed w/ enough knowledge to maintain my weight, I managed to gain 10#...I stopped tracking my food. Here I was, coming up on my 1 yr anniversary on Spark (in Jan), after maintaining a 20# weightloss from April thru thanksgiving & I'd gained 10 back in about 3 months! This is especially aggravating me now b/c April 2011 is when I first hit my 20# loss.

We got a Y membership in early Feb & I've been faithfully attending group fitness classes on average 3 times a wk. Well, apparently my body enjoys being 150#, b/c that scale is not wanting to budge! I aim for 2 one-hour long cycling classes, 2-3 Body Pump classes & some other random cardio activity a wk. I've noticed more muscle tone (yay!!), but the inches don't appear to be dropping either.

At my annual physical, I asked my doctor about the calorie range I should be reaching for, since the only time the scale seems to head down is when I keep the calories toward the 1200 end. She said based on the activity I'm doing, that I shouldn't let my calories drop below 1500. She said the weight wouldn't come off as fast, but it'd be more maintainable. She said setting my body's "comfortable weight" at this age is a good idea. It's much easier now than when you're older. (sidenote: 150 is on the very beginning of "overweight" on those BMI charts for 5'4", so it's a health thing, too, not just wanting to look great for swim suit season)

BTW, my blood work was all normal, w/ the exception on my vitamin D being on the extremely low end of the normal range.

I guess I'm just frustrated about what to do to break thru this plateau! My weight has fluctuated between 148-150 since Feb. Last yr, when I originally lost the weight, I was only doing Jillian DVDs 4-5 times/ wk & aiming for 1200-1500 cal/ day. Since my Dr visit early March, I've been aiming for 1500 a day, some days it's about 1300, other days 1600. Weekends I tend to not always track, or I'll track everything but one meal at a restaurant or other treat. Although, I admit I've only been tracking consistently again (more than 2-3x/ wk) for 2-3 wks.

Suggestions welcome!! Should I back off on the exercise, go back to Jillian for a month? Increase or decrease calories? Shorter more intense workouts (HIIT or interval training) instead of the endurance-based hour long cycling classes? Keep doing what I'm doing & just *try* to be patient?

On an extremely good note, the sun is shining! My 2 yr old went #2 on the potty for the first time today & the kids don't have school tomorrow & it's Easter wknd! My kids have been choosing healthy snacks...dinner is another story w/ my picky eaters, but small steps. The hubs & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday. & Ella starts swim lessons on Tues morning. I'm really looking forward to burying "magic" jelly beans Sat night & the kids waking up to lollipops "flowers" on Easter Sunday. The hubby's job is going really well (except all the long hours), but hopefully the new bonus structure they're starting means all the kids will finally get swim lessons this summer- yay!

K, now I'm just rambling b/c the kids are distracting me, haha. & Lilly, my 6 yr old wants to help me make the mini baked oatmeal muffins...thanks, Pinterest!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Have a happy, healthy & blessed Easter weekend!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    In my experience food is the ultimate most important thing. I have had a lot of success in the past month after a YEAR LONG plateau and I reduced my calories dramatically. My range is 1330-1680 and I try to stay below range twice a week, lower part of range 3x a week and 2 higher days. I have also been doing a mixture of Bodyrock and HIIT training on the treadmill - both are very short but EXTREMELY effective. For the running I will do 0.3 mile at speed 6.0 and then 0.2 mile at speed 7.2 and repeat 3x for 1.5 miles and I am SWEATING and WORKED OUT by the end of that 15 minutes... and bodyrock is the same. Short but SWEET. You can do it... and dont beat yourself up - its so easy to fall off - just gotta keep looking forward!
    3295 days ago
  • NIKKIB612
    Thanks for the input, ladies! I'm gonna try to be patient for now, but more diligent in tracking my food, staying between 1300-1800 depending on the day. I'll probably switch it up by adding some running intervals instead of a cycling class, since I really don't run much.
    3295 days ago
  • LADYBUG1107
    I would add Jillian back into your schedule and continue with the other exercise.

    Happy Easter!
    3296 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/5/2012 9:58:21 PM
    Mix up your workout routine. I got myself into a funk and had to work hard to get myself out of it. I was doing well with Jillian and then Bob, but then I couldn't continue with any sort of consistency. I am now working on running my first 5K and the weather has really helped me want to be outside.

    Good luck and stay strong. You are so worth it!

    3296 days ago
    I would say to at least be patient. Even though you aren't losing inches, you say that you are seeing some definition. So, you are doing something that is working. Have a great Easter weekend!
    3297 days ago
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