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Ok I need help

Friday, April 13, 2012

I am 24 years old. I weigh just over 300 pounds, and I have no desire to lose weight. I know there are health risks. I love who I am. I am not self conscious about my weight. I don't necessarily ENJOY being 300 pounds, but I'm not unhappy. I've tried so many things. I've tried weight watchers and slim4life. I've tried just exercising. I've tried exercising and watching what I eat. I've tried just cutting things out. I've tried counting calories. For some reason, with all of them, I stop for no reason. Well, the reason is I enjoy unhealthy foods. I have never had good self discipline. I'm not looking for a miracle pill or someone to give me some glorious secret. I'm just looking for something that will help give me some motivation. I have tried intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Nothing helps me stick to something. I'll even get to the point where I see and feel results, but I just start eating all the crap again.

So I guess what I'm asking is how do you all stay motivated? How do you keep yourself from stopping? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I kept on gaining and gaining all the way up to 509.8... then came the diabetes and walking problems and sleep apnea etc.. so now at about 100 pounds less I am feeling better.. I had the VSG surgery about 4 weeks ago now and it is the best thing I ever did for myself. I am down 25+ pounds now and am walking and breathing easier.I have no appetite at all and I feel great... it may be worth looking into if you have good insurance.
    3176 days ago
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    I've sent you a sparkmail message x
    3210 days ago
    I weighed 304 pounds on my 24th birthday. I realized two things that day, surrounded by my loving family, brand new niece, and wonderful friends:

    First, that I love these people so much, and they love me. I need them in my life, and they need me in theirs. We are a family.

    Second, that I am going to die a premature death if I don't take care of myself. This isn't depression or emotion talking - this is medical fact. Fat will kill me if I let it.

    I didn't hate my body at 304 lbs. I don't hate it at 274. I won't hate it at 250, 200 or 180. I haven't suffered from depression or anxiety because of my weight, and I've always been able to dress nicely. I've always been loving and loved, vibrant and vital. I also LOVE rich food, sweet food, unhealthy food. I am not ashamed that a double cheeseburger with bacon is amazing to me.

    But I did realize that I'm more important than a cheeseburger. I'm more needed than a chocolate. I'm worth more than my weight in french fries. I started losing weight because I love my fiance, my brother and sisters, my niece and father - because I love myself and I love my life! I LOVE my life, and I want to be in it for another 60, 70, 80 years - not just another 20.

    There's NOTHING wrong with being confident and comfortable with yourself, no matter your size. But ... You're in denial. Being over 300 pounds is going to kill you, just like it was going to kill me. Being over 300 pounds is going to limit your life, whether you realize it or not, just like it limited mine. We are young NOW, we won't always be. The time to change is today - it's easiest to change today... in our 30's and 40's, it will be so much more ingrained, so much more difficult to step out of the fat suit.

    Weight loss is a journey you have to be honest and prepared for. You have to be ready to say: "This is how I will live every day for the rest of my life, and I will learn to adore it. I will choose water over milkshakes. I will choose salad over french fries. I will choose fresh fish over processed hamburgers. I will choose self-honesty over self-satisfaction. I will choose life over death. I will choose myself over food."

    I hope you choose wisely.
    3211 days ago
    Being as you are now is safe. You know how people react to you and you know what you'll get from them. If you lose weight, the attention you'll receive will change. It's quite possible you're afraid of that...
    3211 days ago
    I could be wrong, but it sounds like you may be afraid of losing weight. There may be a reaosn why you enjoy unhealthy food. Maybe you are using your weight as a shield for some reason. Sometimes, we have to dig deeper to find the root of the issue. It sounds like what you do is self sabatouge. It's not uncommon.
    It's okay to be happy with yourself. When you lose weight, you are still going to be the same person, but you will have learned so much about yourself, too. It also sounds like you may not believe that you have the ability to do this. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed with our weight, that it seems easier not to try. Sometimes, it's just that we don't even know where to begin. I think that you want to lose weight because if you didn't want to make some changes, I don't think you would be asking for help. Asking for help and advice when you need it is a good step.
    I am not sure what will motivate you. What motivates each of us is different and it is personal to each individual. What about all the things you miss out on by being overweight? Being able to wear clothes you want to wear, being able to fit on rides, and there are so many other things. You know about the health risks, but have you ever experienced any? Sometimes, people get motivated because they are having health issues and that is not territory you want to go into, but you know that already. I think to discover what is holding you back and why you are feeling a lack of motivation, you should write in a journal every night. It may help you sort out your feelings about this and it is a great way to release stress.
    You might really enjoy unhealthy foods but you can also learn how to enjoy healthy foods (some taste amazing!) and once in a while you can have something not so healthy. You don't have to give those things up. I hope something I said may have even helped just a little bit.
    I know it is so challenging, especially when you aren't feeling particularly motivated, but we all believe in you and know you can succeed.

    3211 days ago
    First I just have to say how much I admire your tenacity!

    It takes so much to start on this journey and to re-start when we need to. The difference between people who succeed and the people who fail is simply a matter of getting up and trying again - which you are doing!

    Despite you saying you don't have good self-discipline, I think you have done an amazing job - you have said "no" to so many things for various times and that *is* great self-discipline!

    As to overall motivation, I think for me there are a couple of things that work - asking myself "why?" and "is it worth it?"

    Why do I want this journey? Why do I want this less healthy food choice? Is this choice worth the cost I'm going to pay (either now in cutting out other things to balance out the calories or in the number of minutes of workout to balance it or later in terms of health damage).

    It does take so much more work to be aware of what we are doing with our bodies, but that awareness can bring so much with it.

    Best of luck on your journey and know how many of us are routing for you (and ourselves!)
    3211 days ago
    I am reasonably healthy, in that I walk for 30 to 40 mins each day, and I also eat a very balanced diet. But I also kid myself, when I am eating a doughnut at work, or a kebab after work because I cant be bothered to cook, that it wont matter. But it will.
    I have joined here today in the hope that I will be motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle and thus aid my health.

    3211 days ago
  • LYNX-O
    I weighed 280, my heaviest ever, and in a few weeks am down to 270 (although I know I could have done better). I am a lot like you. I love junk food, rich food, salty food, and love to cook! Tomorrow will be my third full week. Right now I don't feel any desire to revert, and hopefully I won't although its been a problem for me in my past. Once I start seeing progress, I feel better and more motivated. The looser my clothing gets, the more encouraged I feel. I know people feel negatively about low carb diets, but the fast results you get, and how it extinguishes your hunger and cravings are great. Sometimes a quick jumpstart is enough to keep you wanting it.

    I in my own blog posting, am still trying to find out why I keep sabotaging myself. I still haven't figured out why I do what I do to myself with food. Once I figure that out maybe I will be ok. I have lost 90lbs two separate times, and put it back on. I wish you luck. Hopefully you can find out why you stop when you are succeeding, that's what I'm trying to find out!
    3211 days ago
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