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At The Beginning

Saturday, April 14, 2012

When I look at the picture above, it is hard for me not to cringe. I could sit here and dissect every little bit of what I don't like about myself, starting with my muffin top and my flabby arms. But what good would that do me? Being negative is not going to get me anywhere. I've always been told that if you put positive thoughts and positives words into the atmosphere, you'll eventually beleive them and start gaining from them. The same goes with negativity and I know for a FACT that I don't want to receive back anything negative!

I've decided as a part of my weight loss journey that I would blog... and what better way than on here with a bunch of people who are going through the same thing as I am. Making my weight loss journey public will give me a sense of accountability and I only hope that maybe, somewhere down the line, someone else will find inspiration or motivation through my blogs!

I'm going to be determined to keep them positive. I will share my ups and my downs but I will always attempt to get back up when I fall and keep this weight loss journey going. 2012 is going to be my year to start being the person I know I can be and have always wanted to be. I don't ever remember a time that I wasn't obese or fat. I was always made fun of from grade school and all the way up. While a lot of this teasing has made my self-confidence plumit, with the help of spark people, I'm going to be determined to transform not only my outside but my inside as well! We shall see how it goes. =)

I know I'm not alone. The community here is what helps keep me going. My sister is also doing her own weight loss journey and we plan on exercising together! Having a buddy to be accountable to helps a lot. I have a very supportive boyfriend who is cheering for me the whole way so I know I can do this! It is just time to set my mind to it and do what Nike always says: Just do it!

I love friends. Add me! I'm all for sharing encouragement and words of wisdom or anything else. Whether you have 10lbs to lose or 200 lbs to lose, we all have to start somewhere and I'm willing to help, support, and encourage anyone I can!
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