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Is Eating Healthy Expensive?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

A lot of people including myself has given the excuse eating healthy is too expensive!! Well I've changed my way of thinking!! Junk food is very expensive!! I very seldom except for a rare treat do I buy it anymore! Thats saving money! Vegetable is a lot cheaper. I have been saving a lot not eating out that can be very expensive!! I might eat out 1 time a month except on special occasions! So that saves a lot!! I mostly eat chicken n fish also been incorporating veggie days into my diet so that is saving a lot!! Eating healthy is easier to cook and takes less time!! I bake Or broil everything so easy to pop in oven meat and vegetables in same pan!! If its chicken I cook chicken for a little while before adding veggies! I feel so much better eating healthy and when I have had bad eating days I can tell a big difference!!! A year ago I never would have thought I'd ever get to this point where I actually enjoy eating healthy!!

Favorite veggie day meal is spinach tomato and mushroom omelet. I use egg whites and add jalepenos and small amt of cheese very delicious and low in calories and cheap to make!! I can eat this at lunch cause I usually do protein shakes for breakfast and fruit. I know now that I am capable of reaching my goals!! I can do this and will do this for the new and healthy me!! I am doing this!!!!
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