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My first major NSV!!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Not actually my first b/c every day I succeed in my journey to a healthier me is a NSV to me but today after my 45 minute walk around our neighborhood I was so hot I decided to get a little cooled off and maybe squeeze in some more exercise by getting into our pool and doing a little swimming.
I bought a bathing suit last season that was TOO small and instead of taking it back and getting a BIGGER size I just said to myself...one day I will wear it! Like most of the clothes I buy that don't fit b/c I don't try anything on..lol!! This suit I bought was a 2X 18/20 and at the time I was a 3X +, busting the seams of 24/26 ANYTHING! I guess I didn't look at the size on the tag and just thought...it'll fit! Well after I got it home and tried to try it on I realizes it was NOT MY SIZE!! Well today I dug it out of my clothes to fit into pile, tried it on and IT FIT!!! It doesn't fit like I want but hey, last year I couldn't even get it above my knees!! I can get it on, get it up where it belongs (LOL) but it's just not fitting "right"! So...other then the scale moving slow and the inches coming off I'm actually fitting into SMALLER sizes!!
I started this journey like I said in a 3X + hardly fitting into 24/26's and now I'm into 22's no problem, they are actually loose! So I'm REALLY close to the 20's and the bathing suit that DIDN'T fit!!
I was so happy I was able to get into it and now I'm working harder to get into it so I can wear it this year! We spend a lot of time at the local lake during warm weather and we're actually planning a trip to the Beach this year...since we live about 150 miles from Myrtle beach and haven't been there in about 6 years b/c I don't wanna be seen on the beach at my size! But...this year I WILL BE BEACH READY!! I might not be a size 16/18 but by God I WON'T be a size 24/26+!!
It just goes to show...that if you believe in yourself anything is possible!!!
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