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Whew! busy week

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We are a wk & a half into the Eat to Live Challenge. Woohoo! While, initially I thought the main challenge that I'd have would be finding recipes (I actually enjoy cooking, but dislike hauling the kiddos to go get ingredients for one recipe, then that random $5 spice sits in my cupboard forever, haha!) & staying in range on the weekends, life has showed up, giving me new lessons to be learned on this healthy living journey.

My straight-A student self is a bit disappointed that I haven't done better, but I'm happy that I'm finding these new lessons to learn. Lately my wknds had just been a kind of free for all, calorie-wise. This was convenient b/c the hubs was home & meant I wouldn't have to think about what/where we were eating as much. Lazy & usually not healthy choices. Reminds me of the "love pudge" syndrome, lol.

Having 4 kids, our wknds usually consist of errand running, cleaning house & some park trips or trips to friends' houses. Not a whole lot of extended time away from home (& my kitchen) & it's mostly in our control where we are gonna be & how long. The kids aren't really in extracurriculars yet, so no practices or games, other than library story time or trips to the Y for the youngest's swim lessons.

Anywho, this past weekend we had 2 birthday parties for the older 2's classmate & my best friend's little man. 5 hrs of bday parties in one day. I learned that day that I haven't learned how to say no to bday cake, lol. I had a small piece at each party, & only 2 small pieces of pizza at the first party. I also learned that it drives me *nuts* not knowing what was in my food & I wasn't prepared for handling these "social eating" situations. Neither party had anything other than pizza & cake & I hadn't stashed any healthy snacks in my purse or diaper bag. I wasn't prepared & now I know that I should keep something in my purse, just in case. I usually do for the kids, why not myself?

I also recalled why it's so important to keep myself in check around sugary treats. I feel like a recovering drug addict sometimes. If I overindulge one day, it sets me up for a sugar-filled binge later & then I'm fighting cravings for the next 24-48hrs before I'm feeling on an even keel again.

This weekend will be another adventure. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Sat. Finally, at 28, haha! I'm gonna be looking up some smoothie recipes for this! I'm not sure how long it will be that I'm eating soft foods & how easy I'll have to take it. You better believe that I'm gonna be in that 7am spin class before we have to head to the dentist.

Workouts have been kinda "meh" lately, but the hubby's car is in the shop & they said it would be done Monday...then yesterday...& now it's supposed to be done today, so the evenings we usually go to the Y have been either waiting to hear about the car or I've been stuck at home w/ no vehicle b/c the hubs has the van. I've been following along w/ the Body Rock challenge, but I really have been missing the sweat-fest spin classes. It makes it all the more frustrating that I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Sat since I might be out even more.

Blah, end rant, ha! I know it's about the long journey ahead, not just this wk, & in 5 yrs it won't matter that this week wasn't filled w/ stellar workouts.

&, hey, I'm making new friends & challenging myself in healthy eating this month w/ the ETL challenge! & I'm not gonna have to worry about those pesky wisdom teeth after this weekend!

That was a bit rambling, but so are all my blogs! :)

Hope everyone's having a fantabulous week!
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  • LADYBUG1107
    Good luck with your wisdom teeth! I had them out. It was not too bad.
    3263 days ago
    You are very busy and you have a lot going on, but you are still learning things here and there. Good luck with the wisdom teeth. I had mine out when I was 19 (that was 20 years ago, if you were wondering!) and they were all impacted, but I had no trouble afterwards. Hope that all goes well!!
    3263 days ago
    First of all I'm glad you are getting something from the challenge - new lessons, new friends - its all good! This challenge is good for me because I am not winning it - with exercise I know I am a rock star - with food I have to work harder and still struggle! LOL I just re-read that last sentence and maybe they wrote that "you're so vain" song about me? LOL.

    Wisdom teeth - I'm also 28 and have never had em extracted. My top ones were not impacted and they are about 85% visible and not causing any problems so I may never need them out... and I dont have any bottom ones! They x-rayed and mine never existed :)

    I hope your hubs is ready to step up to the plate with 4 kids and a mommy with wisdom teeth out!
    3263 days ago
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