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Concerns for some of my fellow Spark Friends

Thursday, May 10, 2012

For those of you who don't fit into my paintbrush stroke...yes you, VAMANOS...no need to rip me a new one!! LOL

I am posting this as a BEWARE....because I care. I am not judging, just hoping to shed some wisdom and get people looking DEEP...slow down, quit running, confront and get healthy...emotionally...otherw
ise this is all for not!

Ok...I'm done :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just viewed and listened to your vlog. I realize you posted this 2 yrs ago, but it is no less true today. I am trying to consume as much as I can from this site and as far as I know, it isn't going anywhere. This is the 3rd time I've started this site. Thank you for the reality check even though your voice was 'put out there' long ago.
    2396 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8117576
    A friend sent me the link for your blog, and oh my goodness, I felt like you were talking about the Me of two months ago! After being on Sparkpeople for two years, I actually weighed more than when I started. And I can't blame Sparkpeople for that--the tools here are amazing! But I have a personality that makes me want to put others before myself. It was something I was raised to believe was important. I do it with my own family, and I did it with Sparkpeople. I put my need to be a cheerleader and support for everyone else ahead of my own needs to get healthy and fit. I would take my sad or stressful feelings over whatever I was going through in my life and I would talk to my Sparkfriends about them rather than just facing the issues head-on and dealing with them, trying to find solutions. I would watch as others reached their goals and I felt more and more depressed because I spent two years going up and down and up and down with my weight. In two years, I should have been at goal. Now I'm starting over. I am mad at myself for not having the realization earlier and about how many hours I spent with my backside in a chair in front of the computer when I should have been doing something active for some of those same hours. I made a commitment to a BLC team which finished it's 10 week program today, but beyond that, I have been gone from the site for about a month now (other then answering Sparkmails and messages that come in from Sparkers that I built great friendships with over the two years), and my life is honestly calmer, more focused, and my family sees it also. There are more moments for memory-making and fun with my family...for exercise...and for chasing my dreams...when I'm not in front of the computer for hours. :) Thank you for this Vlog and helping others to see that stuffing down feelings with extra time on Spark is probably not the best thing to do. Spark is wonderful as a tool, but making it your whole life is a problem. That's what I failed to see in my own life, and that's when I crashed.

    emoticon and Thanks for this Vlog. It's wonderful.
    3080 days ago

    As a fellow Canadian....you did not say "aboot" and I have a Nova Scotian accent that for the entire 7 years I lived in the States, people kept asking me the same question "Are you from Minnesota".

    Personally I found your blog to be quite insightful and I do agree with the whole balance thing and I practice it everyday which is very difficult for someone like myself with OCD. I recently started Hypnotherapy which is based on visualization as I know that there are things I need to deal with in my subconscious that I am avoiding. It is an amazing journey and one which allows me to figure out what I am "stuffing" down and why after burning 1500 cal working out I sabatoge myself by eating at night.

    By the way just a note -- did you know that TV commercials from about 10:00 p.m. and on send out subliminal messages about food. So if you are watching TV then and a commerical comes on -- leave the room or channel surf.

    Well good luck to you in your journey as I truly believe this time you have found the key to success - balance without burnout

    3088 days ago
    So very true, about 2 months ago, I realized, I was on SPARK, WAY TOO MUCH!!

    I would be on it all day, at work, at home, on my phone.

    Now, I log my food and exercise at lunch time only! I'lllog my dinner right before bed. I save the blogs for the weekend (now after a workout).

    This happened un-intentionally actually, but I'm super thankful I'm not on it all the time.!! I'm really more at ease about everything now.
    3090 days ago
    This is the first time I've watched a vlog. Interesting - also BUSTED you said aboot yesyoudid. emoticon

    I'm playing. I have a drawl - real one, not the ones you hear in movies when they want to make someone seem stupid so they give them a drawl.

    I'm fairly new here, joined in Feb of this year. I can see a bit of the obsession issue, but then again I joined a bunch of groups still feeling my way around and never bothered going back and cleaning it up by leaving any of them. I guess to me, it's a big site so it takes a bit of exploring but I imagine eventually people sort of settle into their niche.

    What I find funny is that I've gotten a few coworkers to join, we call it the spark cult. None of them and I do mean NONE of them are friends on here. It's like we have our own little bubble of privacy and don't want the real world to invade.
    3091 days ago
    funny. I was thinking the same thing this morning when I noticed a new Spark Friend (new to Spark) joined about 10 teams in the last few days.

    I do find myself spending more time than I realized on Spark. I actually set goals now (no accessing Spark from work until it's time to log my morning snack) to be aware of my time on the site.

    and fataholics are like alcoholics...you are either an alcoholic or a non-drinking alcoholic, but you are ALWAYS an alcoholic

    great blog. emoticon
    3091 days ago
    Great vlog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you're right on the money.........take things slow and steady, LIVE your life and be true to yourself. The rest will fall into place. It's so easy though to trade one addiction for another, especially if the one you're trading for seems so much "healthier". I agree that you just have to keep checking in with yourself.....and listen to what you hear!

    3092 days ago
  • LILYPAD12311
    First vlog that I have ever seen,,,,, you are a cutie annie!

    Wow,,,you are a serious girl with a lot of insight.... but I like it that you have your own opinion and are definitely not a follower.... the part of you vlog that spoke to me was that I need to figure out what I want for me..... I need to have a vision of what I want.....

    I am taking non religious classes on mindfulness mediation... that has really helped me live in the moment.... and appreciate every day/moment that I am alive,,, fat or skinny,,, happy or sad,,, in tough times and in good times,,, to live in the moment and that helps me. I have a goal,,, a lifestyle change that I want for me,,, but I am not waiting for that goal to occur before I start enjoying my life.

    Being an extrovert,,, I love people and love meeting people,,,,, people are very interesting to me. But you are right,,, you cannot live on SP,,,, I have 3 fabulous kids that need my attention,,,, friends and family that I love spending time with and I really love entertaining in my home.... Life Balance is important and should be part of the goal in a lifestyle change.

    Thanks for the interesting thoughts
    3092 days ago
    Hm.. Well, I do have a very obsessive personality and I know this about myself. I think Sparking is a pretty healthy obsession, but sometimes I take it too far and I have seen it recently. Last night I wanted to catch up on my friend feed and all the blogs of my friends.. and it took more than four hours and even my husband was pissed. I wasn't happy about it either, so I need to step back on that. I scaled back what my friend feed shows, which will help a bit, but the days I miss.. I just need to skip and there are about 10 people I really want to check in on to see what they're up to, so I can go to their pages individually.

    Vlogs - I've felt I need to vlog daily and that's just not so. If I don't have anything to say, nothing interesting about myself or even motivating to others, I'm not going to. I'll blog something even if a little one - for the points, though. I do enjoy trying to get 100 sparkpoints a day to stay connected and focused, but mostly what I need to do is TRACK my food and stay motivated to exercise.

    Teams - I had like 36 and then scaled them down to about 14.. and then just this week I joined two new teams as a leader and one more because another friend started it and I liked the topic. Still to many to be very connected to much. I can only pay attention to about 5 teams. But.. lacking much of any social support network in person, I'm using Spark as a virtual social support network and I replaced the one I had on facebook with this one on Sparkpeople.

    This requires more thought (on my part, I mean).

    Thanks for the food for thought. ;)
    3092 days ago
    You are right. I agree with you...balance! emoticon emoticon
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo AMBERBREEZE
    Great Vlog. Like all things in life- Moderation is the key, even with SP lol. If you throw yourself into any one thing, you risk losing yourself, and your goals and dreams. I want to thank you for this vlog. It lets me know I am on the right track by taking things slow. I can't imagine being on 20+ teams at the moment, I am too busy trying to work on me. Keep caring for your friends and those Sparkers like me that stumble upon your blog. emoticon
    3092 days ago
    3092 days ago
    When did I ever rip you a new one? emoticon Although if you NEEDED it, I would certainly be capable. emoticon

    I'm not going to be able to watch the video until I get back, but I'm intensely curious about what you said to get these responses! I'll be back to comment on it when I've seen it.
    3092 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2012 3:16:40 PM
  • TRISH261
    I know exactly what you mean, and I agree. I don't spend my life sitting in front of the computer on here, (and not Facebook anymore either!) but I do make to sure to track my foods and such, but I'm not obsessive about it; and when I have time or feel like spending some time on the computer, I do read blogs, comment, etc. And I have seen the same thing as what you talked about. I have also seen that some people switched from a food obsession to an exercise obsession. I mean, besides your normal every day movement, I know you should walk and exercise, but I've seen some people who blog about doing 5 hours of running (non-stop) on a treadmill, or 6 hours a day of aerobics and I think that's excessive and I think doing that every day can be harmful to ones body, not help.
    3092 days ago
    Great vlog!
    3092 days ago
    Very true. I walk a fine line on this one because I definitely have the inclination to replace one addiction with another. This time, I think I'm doing pretty well. My boyfriend seems to think I'm a little obsessed because he'll see me in front of the computer with food packages entering nutrition information for my food tracker. I'm not too worried about that, but I have had the tendency to obsess about whether I was tracking everything exactly right -- is my water glass really 2 cups, or just 1.5. That kind of thinking needs to go.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    3092 days ago
    Wonderful Blog! Thanks for posting.

    3092 days ago
    Thank you for your insight!!! I am trying personally trying to find a balance that I am comfortable with. Learning to be a new person....a different person than I was before. emoticon emoticon
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo CURVYELVIESAYS
    OMG that was intense and I needed that. Ironically when you emailed me I was on your page already watching one of your earlier vlogs. I get it I really do. I do have an addictive personality and letting it consume me. But, now I will stop because I do not want to burn out. I need to lose the weight in a healthy way. I need to start looking within more and I know this. Maybe, it's part of my illness(bipolar disorder) but, it's up to me to take control of my life and find the balance. Thank you my brave friend for having the courage to give me the wake up call. emoticon
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068091
    Great blog
    3092 days ago
    Just so you know...the opinion expressed in the following vlog are not those of all Sparkers...just this one Sparker...who is typically quite insightful and means no harm by it...
    I love you all! emoticon emoticon
    3092 days ago
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