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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good morning fellow sparkers! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)
(well, besides me.. I’m in office *headdesk*)

As a second step to my make up for my looooooooong absence, I will share my (crazy, hindu, did I really do that?) wedding pictures with you!!!
This is my beautiful sari!

and this is my handsome husband!

Is this really happening?? :P

The ceremony gets crazier by the minute :D

This is when we exchanged the rings, ahem I mean the flower garlands! :p

That's his cute mom putting a golden bangle on my wrist. It symbolizes him, till I wear it he will be safe and MINE. I call it my handcuff :P

In this one he is putting the red sindoor on my forehead. it means he is marrying me.

Don't I look holy? :D

And the famous walk around the fire. 7 turns. In the first 3 the girl leads, meaning she is taking her share of the responsibilities of the marriage.

The last 4 he leads, taking up his part of responsibilities. He gets a bit more :P

please note the extreme stupor and disbelief on my face for the strange events that are happening around me :D

Ta dah! The married woman!

Well it was not a big ceremony or anything because we planned it on Monday and executed it on Sunday… (Read previous blog if you haven’t to know why).

The only people who participated were his mom, his aunt, his sister, her husband and their little daughter, and a college fellow and his girlfriend. Oh and our neighbors. His sis lives in Mumbai too, his mom wouldn’t have missed the marriage of her precious and only son for anything in the world :D She and his aunt jumped on the first plane and got here as fast as possible! His dad was not able to come but he is planning a grandiose reception in Kolkata once he gets hold of us :P

My family not only could not make it to the wedding, they still do not quite know that this actually happened… Let me explain. My dad never married my mom and they just lived together because she basically didn’t believe in marriage. Her point was that a relationship should not be bound by rings and papers but by love and the choice of staying together alone. She was German and very modern minded. You may agree or disagree. I personally didn’t use to think of marriage much and would probably have done the same thing if it wasn’t for the visa. I didn’t use to think I would need it; life is pretty much the same I guess. Especially with the new laws about live in couples, where partners have the same legal advantages of traditionally married couples. But I do understand that for other people it may have a bigger value, that they look forward to the ceremonies, that it makes them feel happier or whatever. It’s fine; this is what makes the world fun, that everyone is different :) So this said, my dad also doesn’t give marriage a big importance and thinks it’s a waste of money and time if you divorce!! (So cynical!) So:

1. He would not see the point of me doing such a thing
2. He wouldn’t justify a marriage for visa purposes
3. Intercultural unions don’t last cause of too many differences.
4. And especially he doesn’t want me to settle in INDIA!! It’s too far away, and besides it’s dirty, savage, disorganizes, backward, under developed, smelly… bla bla bla.

To my defense I will say that:
1. No matter how unimportant marriage could be for me, I know that it is very important for my husband. He is a cute little traditional hindu after all :P So I would still have done it even if for him alone.
2. We would anyways have married sooner or later, visa or not visa! We fought through a year and a half of half a globe distance relationship to be together!! Besides I don’t think I would find one like him if I searched for the rest of my life… I’m sure your husbands are nice guys too, but he is just perfect for me. God knows how he puts up with my psycho behaviors at times :D
3. Who says so, some do. We are both very open minded people and we respect each other’s culture a lot. We are both determined to make it work and will give the effort it takes to sort the differences. Besides he’s Indian, everyone know Indians don’t divorce! Hahaha just kidding.
4. I LOVE India and that’s good enough! We will still find ways to meet as often as possible, and there is always skype.

My mom passed away when I was 17, but I’m SURE she would have loved it!! I wish she could have been there. I also have 2 brothers who are still in college, so it wouldn’t have made sense to tell them as they wouldn’t anyways be able to get a ticket and come within one week! They would have been sad to know they had to miss it. They also like him a lot.

We will have a second ceremony some time later, with proper reception and everyone there. His dad is very excited about it and his health is not good, so we will try to do it next year. Wait for THOSE pics!! :) And my dad will have had more time to digest the new course of events :P he will see that I’m happy and will be happy himself eventually. He also likes my guy actually, but enjoys acting evil. He has to defend his “though guy” reputation after all ;)

That’s it for today folks! Have a great day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo PSHARMA4
    my best wishes for both of you
    3116 days ago
    Cool pictures!!
    3116 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures. They are gorgeous as are you in your wedding dress! Congratulations. Wishing you both a life filled with happiness.
    3117 days ago
    You are quite a smashing couple. And my marriage to a not so good Hindu is over a decade strong. You do what the heart and soul know to do. All my best wishes!
    3117 days ago
  • YICHE12
    Aww, this is great! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Like you, I'm interratially married also. I also have a sister who is married interratially married and out of 7 children, we're the only ones who have survived over 4 decades, so.... the difference in cultures depends on one's openness of mind I would say. My husband traveled to India a number of years ago and brought back a sari. I've been waiting to lose some weight before I actually make a sari. The short top worn below would not look too good with bulges. Smile. I'm getting there.

    Good luck to you both! emoticon

    P.S. You look gorgeous in the sari. Truly lovely.
    3118 days ago
    Congratulations! Your wedding ceremony looks awesome. And you look amazing in the sari. Good luck.
    3118 days ago
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