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Two Day's Worth

Friday, May 18, 2012

Okay this blogg is gonna encompass yesterday and and today. Just So you know.
Yesterday I learned somthing. Never eat when half asleep. Although I did great on the exersize. I sucked at the food. I ate what was quick and easy to make and went back to bed . See I am gonna be helping my sister in the garage and out here. you do it at night or end up with heat stroke. so I am trying to switch my time clock. to night till we get it done. I made bad,bad, choises. I barely made my water quota and at this time of year I tend to regularly go over. The only veggie I ate was in a cassarrolle ..... not good. but I have never held myself reponsible for what I do in "zombie" mode so I am not gonna beat myself over it just go to sleep internally chanting "no eat till awake" strange. I know, but it works.
Now for today. While I am waiting for my walking buddy to get back from work. I wanted to touch on a few things. One of my daily goals is do one random act of kindness a day. I have that goal because I have done that all my life. So I wanted a goal that I could coast through and say If I made that goal I can do the others. But as I walk through life I notice not alot of people do that. I know this sounds sactamonouse but, why don't people do this? It's not that hard.
No one knows How much a person effects others lives. One seemingly small act could keep a person alive. One of the teachers in my area founded specail ed in the area he made alot of lives better. Made it easyer for so many with disabillity's. But because no one told him how great he was he felt worthless. and committed suicide. Our town is far worse now that he is no longer part of it.
I opened a account at my bank and they had a refferal bonus. for the other members. I chose a random little old lady. Her son stopped me the other day and told me the $25.00 dollar bonuses that she got made her able to get her heart medication. Meds. that she couldn't afford. Meds that she needed to live. Because of that she got to see her great grand baby born. I did it thinking she could just go get coffe with friends at the senior center. And look what I did
See one seemingly small act changes everthing. I challenge ever body to one random act of kindness. and help change to world one good deed at a time.
My next thought is mirror and camera's. And how much I hate them. When I was little i would sing and dance in front of the mirror playing like I was a rock star. And any carma near by would have at least 5 pics. of me. now a day's I shy away from both. Why is that?
I am as big a ham as I was as a kid. Why now? Thhen I came across some thing i didn't like myself very much I loved my insides to death I was still the spunky little firecracker. but my outsides..... I dein't want to see what I became. I didn't want me documented for all time this fat ugly blob. I would only allow my pic taken it I had me "face on" and
I wasn't the only person in the frame. How sick is that the biggest ham in the family shying away from a spotlight.
So here is what I thought. get a pic of me in all UNADOARNED glory fat flopping out, cottage cheese thighs, bye bye arms, and all and sit there looking at the pic and find all the good things about it I have great hair "most amazing eyes" (a friend told me that) and continue till the pic doesn't make me sick. And as for mirrors say at least five things that are good about myself when I come across one

that's it gotta go walk now toodles.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Doing a random act of kindness each day is something that we should all do automatically, we are all connected. It is something that I have not been doing and should. I agree with Yvonne, the mirror - or in my case, the lady in the mirror - is a great place to work through inner issues. Looking deep into her eyes, and both of you coming to an understanding can really have great effect.

    3207 days ago
    I really loved what you wrote about the act of kindness each day and how that has the power to change the world. I agree though I am not always mindful and standing in my own way. I think its part of who we really are. Now - if we could only apply that to ourselves! Wouldn't it be great to give ourselves the gift of an act of kindness each day! When I think about doing that I always get confused about what's kind and what's an indulgence so I reduce myself to thinking of myself as a child. What would be a kind thing to do for a child and then transfer that to myself.

    The mirror is a great place to go but not the full length - rather, the one that lets you look yourself dead in the eyes. First you might find you want to focus on the double chin and other sins and then you recognise that you have a bit of an attitude and disapproval - a resistance to yourself. You will probably find you don't want to do this at all! Persevere - its worth it. Keep drilling those eyes to find out something about yourself because its true what they say that the eyes are the mirror to the Soul. It's kinda like that's where who you are and where you live!
    Keep looking - I reckon you'll see the sadness next - you may even cry. I did and still do when I haven't done it for awhile. I wrote a poem about it. I'll post it on my blog - when you do that you feel differently about looking at your whole body. When you look in your eyes and don't quit until you get past the judgement and really see yourself, you can't judge and hate your body cos it's a cause for regret and understanding not rage and self loathing.

    Just a thought - it's worked for me in the past and I did it again last night - briefly. I am going off to do it again now. I figure you need to give yourself at least 10 minutes. Set the timer if you need to but you will see something and know something about yourself that is even more beautiful than your lovely Spark Page.

    Thank you for coming to my blog and saying such nice things - encouraging things on it.

    Oh - I have a great coffee sign in my kitchen. I'll take a photo and post that too - it's kinda fun too and quite 50s.

    Have a great day

    3207 days ago
    How absolutely beautiful that your choice made such a positive impact for that woman. I love the whole idea of pay it forward.
    3207 days ago
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