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The red dress - UPDATE!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two weeks ago I blogged about hitting my goal weight. And I talked about how one of my biggest motivating factors to maintain is to be able to fit into this red dress, which is my favorite dress:

November 2008, the day after Thanksgiving, at a friend's wedding

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's 60th birthday party. The party was a lot of fun. It was good food and even better dessert (omg, that panna cotta...). I allowed myself the indulgence because who wants to be the sour puss that doesn't partake in a party, especially one that's as happy an occasion as this one?

My husband and I with his parents and my parents

The best part of the party was the chance to spend time with family members we don't get to see that often. My aunt-in-law flew in from Tennessee. My brother-in-law drove in from Virginia. And we totally and completely surprised my MIL by flying in my sister-in-law from California. My MIL completely flipped out when she saw Amy. It was the best use of our airline miles EVER.

Left to right: my brother-in-law, his girlfriend, my sister-in-law, myself, my husband
In front: my mother-in-aw

I decided to see if I could fit in the red dress. I could! Not only that, it was a bit looser than I remembered it being, mostly because *ahem* my chest seems to be smaller than before (isn't that always the case?). It was actually loose enough I was in danger of exposing myself slightly. But there is no way in h*ll I'm getting rid of this dress. It should be an easy enough fix. I just have to pinch a little under the arms (or in the front) and it'll be fine. Simple enough that even I who barely knows how to sew can do it. I love this dress! I'm not giving it up, no matter what!

May 19, 2012

So... fitting in red dress again... goal completed. emoticon

I have to say that after yesterday's bad run experience, being able to fit in my red dress again totally turned my day from bad to awesome. Now the question is what do I make my new goal? Hmm... I think I'm going to take my time with this one and just bask in the glow of knowing I can wear my favorite dress again. emoticon
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