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My touch with the divine

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today I want to talk about the divine. I should start at she begining. Yesterday I decided to walk at night because I started so late And I went walking with a couple of friends and badly rolled my ankle.
I wasn't wathcing where I was going and was talking and goofing off on my walk when I should of been paying attention. I stepped in a hole and BAM! my (un)happy butt was on the ground. I tried to stand up and as soon as I put weight in it I knew I couldn't contiue. I didn't even get a tenth of a mile. much less the 3/4 mile I planned. Needles to say I was royaly cheesed off. As I hobbled home with my friends I realized that walking with a buddy is not a option for me . I was sad about that and wondered how I was gonna be able to pull every thing off with out some one there to push me to do better. This morning when I got up to walk, I was very scared. What If I end up stranded in mid walk what If I I have to stay there till some one calls a 911? what if, what if, what if.
The what if's almost made me turn around. I was half way across my complexs parking lot when I decided to to stay home when I looked down. I saw a feather. And I knew I would be okay. Now for the people who don't know, I am a pagan. And my patron goddesses "animal" is the black crow.
And here I was looking down on a black feather And I knew the Godess was telling me You can do this I will catch you if you fall. Such peace and serinity came over me I wobbled and hobbled my way through my walk and made it home with out any problems I listened to my body stopped when I needed to stop and paid attention I am tired but you know what I am unbroken.
I believe that there is a divine out there and what ever face you see when you behold the divine Is true. "god" has many faces think about it there are many differnt people. Many diffrent places, and many diffent way of looking at things. The true divine is many things to many people. And if you pay attition you will find it not only speaks to you it is screaming at the top of it's lungs. Most importantly it cares about you and the things in your life. Including you lossing weight and getting healthy.the lord and lady speak to me every day. As I am sure the divine speaks to you.
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    I came out to work on Sunday just to let someone into the office to get something she left on Friday. I was waiting for her for 10 minutes (I personally think that is SO RUDE! - here I am taking 30 minutes of driving (and gas) to let her into the office, I tell her I'll be there in 15 and she's 10 minutes late and she was like 5 min from the office!) but anyway I'm standing there and I think the whole reason WHY she was late is there were 3 crows standing around. One of them came almost up to me. Definitely I think a sign. I am thinking that it is a sign of change and rechange in my life. I am about to have neck surgery and I'm coming (slipping and sliding in and out of clinical depression and bi-polar all the way) out of a long slide down and really need and want to reinvent myself in the Goddess and I'm thinking (hoping) this is her way of telling me that yes I'm on the right track and she's walking with me. How ironic! (co-incidental? I think not!) that I read your blog this morning! :)
    3196 days ago
    I am so glad to hear that you found relief in your moment of need. I love how they always know when you need them. Take care of yourself
    3200 days ago
    May your goddess always shine down on your path in life. Glad know you didn't hurt your ankle to much. Brightest blessings and warm hugs.
    3202 days ago
    Glad to hear you didn't hurt your ankle worse. Take care.

    There definitely are those moments where something in the universe seems to reach out to us personally.
    3202 days ago
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