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A positive ramble

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well this Has been a very good start for today. Turned on my Attack the Day play list. listed to a couple of songs while I donned my work out armor.....I mean gear. I wanted to walk I still wanna go do my walk again. I had a great time the air was cool the birds were singing the honey suckles were blooming And I even saw a bunny! it was such a cutie. all brown and fluffy butt. If this was a only a cardio day I would have kept on walking but I don't want to do strenght training with twichy musles. I added one exersize per group (upper, core, lower) on Monday. So far I do okay except the "Supperman". Can you say owwe! But it's okay pretty soon I'll be able to do them in my sleep.
I am at that "time of the month" and am wearing a pair of really comfy shorts I.E. baggy. But I had to keep pulling them up and keep them from falling down enough to make me look "gansta". Cool thing is two months ago I had to let them out. Luckly I have a sewing machine now. Do you know how hard it is to alter a jean waist by hand?!
Anywho, If I am not wipped after striength training I am gonna walk to the local sports store and look into the resestaint bands with the handles and some other stuff that could be handy. There are alot of exersizes I can do with them that won't mess up my knee or other joints.
To explain I am NEVER allowed to do "girl" push ups. It puts all my weight on the worst area of my knee. The part of the knee that pops out of joint if you look at it wrong. Yoga messes with many exposed nerves from my back issues. Same with pilates. But that's okay. I prefer stuff like kick boxing, tybo, you know stuff that makes me feel like a tough chick. Not really a mellow-sizer. Yes I know that the high impact stuff is bad for me. But have I ever come across as a person that is a "mellow yellow" kind of gal? I listen to a song that say's "Let the body's hit the floor" first thing in the morning every day (lol)

let's continue this ramble shall we

I have been doing such a good job I decided to do something nice for myself. I am gonna get a hair cut and/or die my hair. I know that it seems weird but I haven't had my hair cut by some one besides myself for over a year. And as for the die job I have gotten fiestyer since I started taking better care of my self so becoming a fiesty redhead seems a sensiable move. Don't you think? I am taking better care of myself I started showering as much as I could. I can't shower every day because the air is so dry and the water is so hard. My skin will start to crack and bleed. So I can only do so every other day but on the "off" day's it is a field bath for me. P.F.&A. please don't ask me to tell you what that means. Ask a millitary friend.
I have also updated my morning play list. I got tired of hitting the repeat button to hear my first song. I added some Marilyn Manson. I find the song the Beautyful people not only keeps things in persective but. I imagine all the "pretty people" that give me those looks. And I get really motivatied. It play's a few times...It REALY helps.
I am almost out of veggies and don't have enough to make it to the next payday. I am kinda pissed about that. I can't believe I went threw half a case of broccoli in two weeks! All I got left is some canned carrots, and a bag of frozen broccoli left. As I said before I really really.....really like broccoli. Did i mention I like broccoli? I have pleanty of starchy death and enough meat to get me threw, but still I want my veggies!!!!
I finailly got to watch "Weight Of the Nation" on HBO last night. I stayed up past my bed time to watch it........Damn, what I saw really pissed me off. No subsides for veggie growers. The crap-tastic food our kids are served. there was a kid who didn't even know what raw broccoli was!!! When I was a kid my school lunch was on average was;

two veggies (one raw)
2% milk (not chocolate)
tater tots (baked)
tiny piece of meat
and a fruit cup

That's it. Pizza Was for special occasions. Grease was unheard of. When I was In high school and food got bad and I lived off the salad bar. I am gonna take a look at my nieces lunch menue. I don't think I am gonna like what I see.
Finally to conclude my ramble I am gonna post my "dance Like A Fool" Play list and the "Attack the Day" soon. The d.l.a.f. was one I came up with to motivate me to get moving my last attemt to lose weight. My niece keeps trying to swipe it. It has a cool down in the middle and a stretch and relax at the end. Most everybody I know likes it. For the people who prefer somthing with a hard edge My A.T.D. play list will work

Well that's my ramble Gotta go do my strenght training Have a awesome-tastic day!

this pic is from Wapsi square a wonderful comic that you should check out

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog, loved the pic. Looking forward to your "Dance Like A Fool" and "Attack the Day" Play lists my playlists need revamping.
    3204 days ago
    On New Years Eve I decided to reinvent myself & did my hair red. Red hair definitely equals feisty! Sounds like a great day!
    3205 days ago
    privte school always had/has better noms
    3205 days ago
    Heh, your school lunch was definitely more healthy than any I ever saw. I remember things like mystery meat in a lot of gravy. Then again, I didn't dislike it because of some healthy vs not healthy reasoning - I disliked it because it barely had any redeeming flavor.
    3205 days ago
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