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CHOP-CHOP in 5! And other things...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So, its [now] 5 days away from my surgery. Thank goodness, too. I check in to the hospital at 6am on Thursday morning and my surgery should begin at 8am. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Actually, I'm pretty terrified. As much as I've been "Yay, I'm having surgery!" and all, I really don't WANT to have surgery. It's a necessity and if I don't do it, my condition will only get worse. So, the ol' gallbladder has to go.

Surgery is just so... weird. I hate the idea of being put to sleep to have things done to me and then I wake up feeling like s***. I think its the lack of control that freaks me out the most. Once I'm asleep, I'm in someone else's hands... They'll see me naked. They'll be cutting me open and jamming things into me. They'll be filling my abdomen with a gas so they can expand my stomach to reach what they need to (how crazy creepy is that?!?!). They'll have some massage-y leg warmer things on me, so that'll be cool! But, really, it's all just a bunch of weirdness that I hate when you're put under for surgery. Also, that possibility that I won't wake up... *shudder*

So, these next few days will be spent getting me and my environment ready for post-surgery recovering. My friend has offered to come down and help me out with some cleaning and chores, and I'll probably take her up on that.

Yesterday was a nice day. I got to hang out with a friend of mine, whom I've been friends with since my freshman year in high school. She's three weeks away from giving birth to her first child- a girl- and its been an exciting time for everyone in her life. I get to be an "aunt"!!! I'm so excited! Did I mention the excitement? emoticon

Well, my usual modus operandi is to ramble on, so I think I'll stop with the hike I took with some wonderful Sparks from my local team. I had a blast and the company was unbeatable! If you ever get a chance to rally with members from Spark where ever you are, I highly suggest doing so. Its fantastic and I've made some amazing friends on here. Seriously, my journey to better health would be incomplete without their presence and support.

Here is a photo of the journey:

Lena (BEFIT_WITHGUSTO), me, Jocelyn (WOLFKITTY), and Leah (SPRING4FAL)
Photo by random stranger with Lena's camera

I posted more beautiful and fun photos of my hike at my blog!! (That's right, I FINALLY got something new up!) You can, and I highly encourage you to, go see:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    Hope you are healing well!
    3241 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    I don't blame you for feeling squeamish about surgery - it is a weird thing, no question about it. I am praying you get the relief you deserve, smooth sailing through surgery, and a fairly quick recovery. That initial period after just coming to from anesthesia is rough, no question, but maybe it won't be as bad as you fear. I am glad you are letting your friend help you with chores. I do find that being busy getting things in order is one of the best ways to channel pre-surgery anxiety into productive adrenaline. Thank you for stopping by to say hi. I am so glad you did. Somehow I became unsubscribed from your blogs so I am going to (hopefully) fix that right now. Take care!!!
    3244 days ago
  • ABB698
    Hang in there Jill, surgery sucks but will be worth it if your get to be pain free! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Congrats on being an Auntie!
    The hike looks so gorgeous, wish I could have joined you all. Next time for sure!

    3245 days ago
    Good luck with the surgery! Congrats on becoming an aunt, too!
    3246 days ago
    Yikes, @JSALERNO, I hope she meant "won't wake up during the procedure but WILL WAKE UP" after the surgery??!

    Both my mom and my mother in law (RIP but like 5 years after her surgery) have had gallbladder surgery and it kinda affected their diets afterwards... I probably am skating around having it done myself,

    I don't know if your doctors have discussed a per-surgery diet but in my mom's case, she was already on coumadin (blood thinner) and had eaten a bunch of foods containing natural blood thinners (tabouli, hummus etc) a few days earlier but then "they" (not sure which ones) didn't catch her pro-time values in time to adjust the coumadin to a lower dose before surgery. So... time came for surgery and anesthesiologist said No and Absolutely No Way and Oh NO, No Way Jose, No Surgery, her blood was waaaaaay too thin... so they cut out the coumidin for the night and gave her some fatty foods and got the levels back to where they needed it and did the surgery the next day. It all worked out for her.

    Congratulations on your impending "Auntie-hood"!! That should be fun scouting all the fun cute little baby clothes and toys!!
    3247 days ago
    Hi friend!
    I thought I commented, but I didn't!
    It is going to be fine! You don't have anything they haven't seen...I suggest you wear a flamboyant thong to give them something to brighten their day! I know it is scary, but you will be happy when it is done and gone! I will tie a string around you so you don't fly away from the pumped in gas! LOL I really understand, as I am terrified of knee replacement...two! Glad you only have one gallbladder!
    Have your friend help you...it is a good thing!
    Thinking of you daily!
    Love, Hugs & Health!
    Mary emoticon
    3247 days ago
    Everything will go well and you'll be feeling better in no time. Will send positive energy your way.
    3248 days ago
  • no profile photo COLORADOGUY0004
    Good luck!
    3248 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6307291
    Good luck with the surgery. You'll come through with flying colors! Who needs that pesky gallbladder anyway- just a troublemaker in disguise. You and the girls look gorgeous! I'll have to go take a peek at the rest of the pictures.

    3248 days ago
    3248 days ago
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