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BodyRock/Loving Fit Hybrid workout

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So I was in the mood to have a really hardcore workout and one of my spark buddies mentioned a site called Loving Fit. I decided to put a BodyRock workout with one of the Loving Fit workouts I wanted to try. I really ended up working my butt off! They fit well together.. So my workout was BodyRock "Hot In Here" posted on 4/14/2011 and Loving Fit "Crossfit Diva" posted 6/9/2012. I put them together like this...

10 Sandbag Step Ups Combo (it was going to be 10, but the step ups were killing my back): Time: 4:15.3

15 Balance Ball Passes Time: 2:44.9

6 Round of 30/10 Pike Jumps & Push Ups Combo: 2 sets + 3 PJs, 2 + 2 PJ, 2, 1 set on knees + 3 PJ, 2 on knees, 2 on knees

15 Balance Ball Passes Time: 1:55.4

1 Round of 45/15 of these two exercises:
Squat Pulse & Back Lunge w/10 lbs - 12
Army Combo - 5 with 10 pounds on toes

15 Balance Ball Passes Time: 1:58.6

1 Round of 45/15 of these two exercises:
Push Off Reptile Push-up: 5 on toes
Jump Lunges with weight over head: 23 with 10 pounds

50 Crab Toe Touches Time: 2:42.9

And then I did 7 minutes on the exercise bike. I didn't feel comfortable doing the mini dead lifts with my back being funny, so I skipped that set of exercises from Loving Fit. I needed to get this all down before I forget how I did it heehee... I'm definitely going to feel it tomorrow!
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