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Phase 2 of Job 1 - *ME*!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Since December 17, 2011 I've lost 26 pounds and, more importantly, have managed to keep them off!

But now, thanks to Vandal's challenge, (see his blog from yesterday) I'm committing to get moving on the last part of the weight-loss journey.

I'm going to be completely transparent and honest about what I'm doing on a DAILY basis. No more thinking I can hide behind not blogging or stopping my tracking at the point when I am derailed. It's all going to be out there, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I reset my ticker to today's weight, 154.5. It's two pounds up from my post-half-marathon weight on May 6 or 7th. I'm OK with that; I was tired of trying to chase what I was -- I'm ready to acknowledge where I am and move upward (downward?).

Yesterday I did a 75-minute Cardio Pump class and walked 1.5 miles (25 minutes) on the treadmill. I walked a total of 13,308 steps and ate 1,254 calories. My GoWearFit device said I burned 2,394 calories for a net deficit of 1,140 calories. It was a good day!

I've also made it a goal to read blogs of people who've lost large amounts of weight and are keeping it off. Yesterday I read a wonderful, uplifting blog written by Tracy31502 who's lost over 180 pounds!


Her blog radiates the sheer joy and gratitude of being able to do normal things in a normal body. I hope you read it. I can't even describe how it made me feel.

So here's the thing: I've lost 26 pounds (for the second time while a Sparkperson) and now I am facing the last 10-20. In light of Tracy and hundreds, maybe thousands of other Sparkers who've lost 100 or more pounds, it is ridiculous that I cannot set my mind to this and just simply do it.

So I am going to, and you're going to help me stay accountable!

I simply will NOT waste any more of my life PLANNING TO BE AT A LOWER WEIGHT.

Later, Spark Fiends! (er, Friends!)

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