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Surgery Update

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My surgery went well. The doc gave me the screws he took out of my ankle! I really didn't expect them to look like something you'd buy at Home Depot, but geez, they do!!

The doctor gave me 40 Vicodin with a refill, and I took 4 pills on Friday and one on Saturday and that was it. Talk about drug overkill.

On the way to the hospital we got hit by an idiot driving a pickup truck and a cattle hauler. It sort of looked like the one below:

I was coming down the mountain entering a hairpin switchback and he was going up the mountain. His truck was in his lane but he wasn't paying attention, going too fast, and his trailer crossed WAY OVER the center line. I stopped but not soon enough, and even though I was squished against the right-side of my lane, almost off the road, the trailer hit my car. Actually the HOOD of my car got wedged into the slats of the cattle carrier!

SO: minor hit, major damage: the hood of my car has a two-foot gash in it like you took a can opener to it, the front-left bumper is smashed, the headlight is smashed, the driver's door creaks, there's a hole in the front bumper and it needs a front end alignment!

I told the cop I was on my way to have surgery and he took down my info and let us go. When we got back into town we went to the cop shop to have get the police report but it was closed! Three Thirty on Friday afternoon and the cop shop is closed until Monday morning!!

I'm hopingthe guy's insurance will pay to have my car repaired because I don't have collision coverage on my car. It's 9 years old and has 188,000 miles on it, even though it LOOKED great and runs like a top.

OH YES, and I did I mention the MORON was ON THE PHONE?????

I'm just hanging around the house today; TC's been a good caregiver. Later today we'll take the bandages off, clean the incision and see what we've got.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get some good news about the car. We were planning to drive it at least another two years...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Geez- lke you don't have enough on your mind!
    What an idjiot!
    3045 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Sooo glad you didn't get hurt in the accident. Hopefully the will repair your car or get you a new one!! Take it easy for a while.
    3045 days ago
    What an adventure. Something very similar happened to me a few years ago. A truck hauling an empty pontoon trailer; the trailer went airborne flying back and forth and smacked me on the post right behind the drivers side window. Quite a fright!! I'm glad you didn't get hurt & made it on time to your appt.

    You get a short break from the Commander Spandex, you'll be back soon and very soon. Rest your bones til then. Does this mean TC is cooking?

    3046 days ago
    So glad neither of you were hurt by the idiot who hit you--and that surgery went so well. Hopefully insurance will repair the car and not total it (unless they want to give you a new car!).
    3046 days ago
    Wow, you are a resilient person. Great attitude. I aspire to be this focused and businesslike as the curve balls zoom into my life!
    3046 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12340642
    Wonderful News! Happy Recovery!
    3046 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I'm glad surgery went well and that you are doing well... Milk it for as long as you can. (It's good to be the queen), plus taking the time to fully heal is important. There is no rush really is there?
    That stinks about that bozo on the phone. I'm glad that you guys were okay. They may total your car.
    Hmmm... perhaps this is a blessing in disguise... new vehicle to go see your future grandbaby? (I feel for you being so far away) Thank heavens for Skype and stuff like that.
    3046 days ago
    Because he was clearly at fault his insurance will have to pay. I hope you heal quickly!
    3046 days ago
    Dang, when it rains it pours..........I'm sure things will turn around for you.

    3047 days ago
    Sooo glad neither of you were injured. Hooray for the successful surgery -- I would have been excited to get the screws too. One word of caution on getting off pain killers; also being one to want off the gunk ASAP, there is link to speed of recovery and keeping inflammation down through use of something. I always thought if I could handle the pain there was no added value. Not true. Perhaps not narcotics, but OTCs to not push your body for the first few days? Just passing on a lesson I learned a hard way -- a few days more on something can be worth full and clean recovery sans complications down the road.
    3047 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4357551
    Only you can pull something like this off TG. Thank God you didn't have a knife in the car!!

    Sorry to hear about the accident but I'm more glad to hear you and TC were not injured!! It could have been a lot worse you know. Still I hope the other driver does have the insurance he needs. I'm sure that will be the case.

    Glad the surgery went well and that you are off of pain meds already!! Did you know that Vicodin has some street value? Maybe you can make some money off of this surgery!!!

    Okay just kidding really - I'm not into anyone pushing drugs!!

    Take full advantage of TC - make him do everything for you!!


    3047 days ago
    Yikes, that's just so unfortunate. So glad that you did not get injured and that you did not have to postpone the surgery . . . all best with recovery AND with your insurance claim for the car repair!
    3047 days ago
    Holy Cow. That's an unbelievable story. So glad your screws are out. Good job on the drugs. That always amazes me that docs are so liberal with the narcotics.
    Glad you are safe and praying that you heal well and that the car is covered.
    You are a trooper!
    3047 days ago
  • TRACY31502
    I hope his insurance covers your accident too! Happy you were not injured!!!! Have a great day!
    3047 days ago
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