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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am tired of laying around!

Yesterday Nancy- blogged about the 5K Your Way "Virtual" 5K and she got me excited so I joined the team! There are various options -- I'm going to do the 8-week Rookie Running program. I can walk until the cows come home but have never had the stamina to jog continuously for more than a few minutes. I think this 5K challenge is just the ticket. I don't know if TC will join me or not; he needs a knee replacement (that he would like to postpone for about 5 years) and jogging is hard on his knee. But I'm going to do it anyway -- it's just the challenge I need!

Today I did the first day's workout, walk 4 minutes, jog 1, repeat 5 times for a total workout of 20 minutes. Then I did 5 minutes of cooldown walking. TC advised me not to, but I feel FINE and am tired of doing NOTHING! So shh, keep it just between us, OK? emoticon

The Summer 5% challenge starts on Saturday so that, plus the 5K program, will help me get back into the swing of things. I'm definitely planning to get clearance from the doc tomorrow to restart all activities and am planning optimistically that he'll take the stitches out tomorrow, a week early.


I've gained a few pounds because I've just been a total SLUG this week and I'm bored! Laying around doing nothing is highly overrated and definitely not good for me. So I'm ready for the challenges to begin!

PS -- still no contact from the insurance company, even though THEY were supposed to contact me and I've called the adjuster twice. More calls today, and going to talk to a couple of body shops to see if we can get old "White Lightning" fixed....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you! Your blog has motivated me to push to achieve more.
    3042 days ago
    Very, very inspiring (I'm saying this in my "one inch" whisper voice)
    I'll echo what everyone else is saying, and you already know, listen to your body and do "body checks" often. Several times while I'm wogging, I start at my head and check every joint and muscle group to see how they are doing. A running veteran my age convinced me how important that is. I also am a proponent of lots of post jog stretching and icing joints even if they don't hurt at the moment.

    Now, that's advice you probably didn't need.
    Good luck, I know you can do it. You are on fire!!!
    3042 days ago
    Good luck with the running! It's a great way to start out, and before you know it 5k is a nice and relaxing jaunt!

    Sorry to hear that insurance is being annoying. Idiot drivers on phones is a major pet peeve of mine, so I really hope this gets sorted out with as little frustration to you as possible.
    3043 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Good luck with the insurance people. They can be so slow..unless you owe them money, then they call you immediatly.

    Woohoo!! to starting your running program. But be sure to listen to your body & definatly talk to your doctor about it.

    It's funny. When I first started this journey (again), I struggled with giving up my couch/down time. And last night I got home & had nothing to do!! Nothing!! No good tv shows to watch, no yard work to do, my workout was already down for the day. And I didn't like it...I was bored. Funny how what we use to struggle with becomes second nature.
    3044 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Oh heavens... I want you to heal properly. Listen to your Dr. I know you are not the type to sit back and be a slug... but taking the time to heal is different. Keep us posted on what the Dr. says.
    I just got something straightened out with an insurance company, but it took contacting our state's insurance commissioner's office. Strange how sometimes just mentioning that helps expedite things.
    3044 days ago
    Listen to your body, and you'll do fine; it's not as hard as most people think if you'll do that and remember it's okay to slow down if you need to! Hope the doctor does give you the all clear and you get a response from insurance soon!
    3044 days ago
    Just make sure you learn about and due properly and diligently stretches for runners-
    MUCH diff from normal stretches-
    my doc thinks that was has caused the bursitis in my hips-
    for which I suffered mightily for abut TWO years.
    I loved my forays into the running world and was very excited about it.

    3044 days ago
    Love your motivation -- promise to listen to your body's signals, 'k?
    Insurance adjusters = Ugh!! Good luck!
    3044 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12561263
    I enjoyed your blog. I too need a push to get me to jog. I am a teacher so I am off for the summer. I am already running out of things to do, I finished my to do list. I am really focusing on my fitness this summer. Good luck with the 5k.
    3044 days ago
  • FARRAH511
    3044 days ago
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