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19 ways to get motivated for fitness

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not sure about anyone else but I'm seriously lacking in motivation lately. Thursday through Monday, when I know my fellow Amazons (BLC19) are counting on me, things pick up BUT the other days it's an internal struggle to get to the gym or out on the pathways for some exercise. Imagine my delight when my GoodLife email came today. Here are the main points of the article, I'm going to post the link at the bottom so you can check it out if you want. There's some good points.

If you’re just starting out, the following suggestions will help:

Set a goal – any project or plan without goal will be a struggle
Develop a plan to reach your goal – this is a must no matter what activity you enjoy
Start small – if you are just starting set realistic goals
Set interval goals and reward small short term accomplishments
Create rewards that are pleasurable and away from your exercise
Change routines and change often
Develop a competition with yourself or a partner and relate back to rewards
Chart progress so you can monitor and remember successes

If you are already exercising, try these tips to keep it up:

Remember good days
Remember the feeling of success and your pleasure rewards
Focus on the big picture
Withdraw during your routine
Stay grounded but dream big
Join a team or league if you are motivated by others and in a team or league sport
Know what your urges are to quit and be aware of them
Continue to mix things up
Visualize your success
If you get lost with mixing it up – get a coach
Forget but expect bad days – remember no matter how poorly you perform or how bad your workout is do not quit it is not an option……. just walk away and think about a past success

Most of all remember: if it was that easy everyone would do it!

Get up, get started and don’t give up!

If you’ve already started, find enjoyment and just keep pushing on!

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