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What do babies and Sparkers have in common?

Monday, June 25, 2012

You know, I was thinking about things I could do to get out of my funk, when I started to make comparisons of babies to Sparkers.

No, I haven't lost it...but I found it interesting to go through all the things a Sparker looking for a new lifestyle and diet needed versus what a baby needs.

First thing that popped into my head was proper fuel/ nutrition.
Let's be real here...without it they certainly wouldn't grow. As parents, we would never feed our infants anything that we thought was unhealthy for them. Lots of moms breastfeed well past the first and second year just to ensure proper nutrition for their babies. Then when they start eating solids, we make sure to give them the best we can. We certainly don't introduce them to Oreo cookies and Doritos and pop.

They also eat frequently...we don't just feed them 3 times a day, we feed them through the day and night in order to keep them fueled.

Then I thought of sleep. Ahhh, if I could sleep like my kids did as babies!!

If your baby isn't getting the proper amount of sleep, they are cranky, cry, don't eat properly and just plain nasty!

What about routine? They always say that the best thing for a baby/ child is routine...so at what point does that NOT become important?
As new moms, we make sure our babies are on time for their naps, when they eat, we can predict everything they do based on their routine. So why then do routines just stop?

What about support? without support and encouragement from us, babies would never learn to walk, talk, run, mouth off....support is a main component to them learning how to communicate. We provide them with oodles of motivation and encouragement, without which they would be socially stagnant.

And while we're on that topic...when your baby is lying on his/her stomach learning to push up or roll over, when they fall flat on their faces, do we tell them to suck it up and keep trying?
Do we yell at them and tell them they are stupid?
Do we walk away and let them figure it out for themselves?
Do we tell them that they may as well give up because they didn't get it the first time?
Do we laugh at them and make fun of them? (Ok...well I did, but that's besides the point!!
emoticon )
My point here is that we didn't get down on them for not getting it the first time...we encouraged them to try again and keep trying until they could do it. We didn't expect them to run before the could walk or write essays before they could speak.

Babies need a lot of love. Without it , they can't possibly grow into responsible, loving, caring, confident, adults oozing with self esteem. Now I know...self esteem comes from many places, but we are the first people to influence our babies. Without love from us, babies/ children would never learn how to love themselves or others.

They need guidance as they grow older, without which, they wouldn't learn how to be self sufficient or problem solve. Milestones in babies' and children's lives are basically the equivalent to goals as adults. We try to help get them to each milestone before they go on to another.

They also need to be kept safe. Safe from injuries, safe from any harm, as they learn to do things. We don't teach them how to swim by tossing them in the deep end without a life jacket...anymore! They need to feel secure in order to trust and grow.

We are constantly stimulating our babies, getting them to try new things and exposing them to new things. This helps them with creativity and becoming an individual. Without this babies wouldn't learn what they like and what they don't like. Life would be pretty darn boring!

Anyway, there are tons of things we could learn from taking care of a baby...these are just the ones I quickly thought of.

We should all remember these BASIC rules and apply them to our lives now.

Without routine, proper nutrition, little goals, sleep, love, support and encouragement from ourselves and others, we can't possibly expect to grow in our new lifestyle. Habits can't be formed without any of this.

What basic needs are you neglecting that are getting in the way of your SP growth and journey?

Later Sparkers!
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