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Weight Loss and Dating Blues

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well another one bites the dust. After three weeks, my whirlwind romance has come to an abrupt end. I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. End of story! Well, my weight loss efforts have suffered as well. I have not been motivated to prepare meals or go to the gym. I have really been in lala land.

I really miss my water aerobics class and weight lifting. I have to really get back to taking care of me. I knew that a relationship could serve as a distraction, but I never realized how much. I am kind of glad that it is over so that I can get back to me.

I am one of those ladies that really gets caught up in the romance of it all and lose myself. I do realize that I need to find a way to balance a relationship among other things, but I am not concerned with that at the moment.
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    I have done THE SAME THING...got caught up. I have done it many times over the years...and NOW I incoporate FITNESS into my daily routine. I tell my friend I AM OUT HERE WALKING...IF you wanna come with COME ON! But...IF NOT, he will have to wait till I am done. The same with FOOD. He likes to come over and treat...all hours of the day and night. SMH...OH NO YOU WON'T mess up my hard work ALL WEEK LONG with ff from McDonalds or carry out...TEMPTING ME. He now KNOWS I AM SERIOUS and won't eat it around me, will eat it in another room or eats BEFORE he comes. I realize I am THE ONLY ONE on a lifestyle change...and GET THIS. As my overall size has been shrinking...I have been watching HIS GROW. Use to have a six pack...NOW he doing very well growing him a nice mini keg. Not to be mean...but just saying.
    He was "holding me up LAST NIGHT"...and finally he took A LAP WITH ME. I was trying not to put him out...but I also didn't want to be lapping my community at 10pm EITHER.
    SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE...I think the right man will SUPPORT YOU in WHATEVER it is your doing that is the right thing for you. Hopefully he will be right along side you...doing the same thing and cheering you every step of the way.
    I DO BELIEVE we learn quite a bit about ourselves on this journey...it simply is not lbs. off and viola life is sweet. We learn OTHER THINGS that we need to in order to invite ALL that will create the live WE ALL DESERVE.

    3078 days ago
    I read your blog but I read your last response and it is his loss. I remind myself of how valuable I am always. I believe that I'm an asset to the one I'm with and not a debt. I'm not meant to be loved, liked or indulged by everyone or anyone that can't handle the blessing that I am. At the same time I know that if it don't work out there's better waiting and until I arrive at what God wants I keep pacing myself to improve my worth and become more valuable to the one I end up being blessed with. Sometimes we go through things so we can see our flaws and things we still need to work on, not necessarily what's wrong with the other person but self examination. While you wait for Mr. Right, keep improving you and increase your value. You're right you don't have to settle and sometimes when we're plus-sized or extra pounds we have self-esteem problems or guys think we do until we shut them down. Hang in there and don't throw in the towel, get back to basics and keep it moving. Mr. Worthwhile is waiting on you no matter how long the journey may be, keep working on you till then. Be blessed and encouraged
    3078 days ago
    What has surprised me most about this situation is that as much as I want to sit around a sulk, I will not allow it. I am more motivated now to get back on track. I've learned that exercise de-stresses me and makes me feel better about myself. A while back, I would have been depressed, emotionally eating, and questioning "Why am I not good enough?" Now, I clearly know that it is his loss, so oh well. Thanks for the encouragement.
    3078 days ago
  • GIGI0607
    Stay Strong you will bounce back plus no guy is worth you giving up on yourself. Your health & happiness is the most important thing and you should always put yourself first. I agree dating is Hard & A lot of work, Im an emotional eater and its almost impossible to not dig into a gallon of ice cream when I get into it with my boyfriend.

    Things will get better & what better time than summer for water aerobics... emoticon
    3078 days ago
    You know what. That's the conclusion I drew from this as well. I think God is showing me that I am not quite ready yet. I am very impatient and I get lonely sometimes, but not enough to settle. I guess I'll get back to me in the meantime. I have company coming by this evening, but this arse will be back in motion on Wednesday.
    3078 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    Dating is SO HARD :-( But, when I think about it I figure God is giving me this time to work on myself and for some reason I'm not at a point where I'm ready for a relationship.

    It sucks because I'm impatient, but I'm sure in the long run thats what's best!

    Now you got more time to go hard at the gym!! emoticon emoticon
    3078 days ago
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