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A Little Nugget of Wisdom

Friday, July 06, 2012

I can't believe it's been two months since I've blogged. I still check Spark regularly, I've just not taken the time to blog. A big part of that is struggling to find balance with my new job. This is my first salaried job, and for the most part I create my own schedule. This is good and bad. I love the flexibility, but I often work long hours. The good news is I work the long hours because I enjoy my job.

I am using my job to get healthy, though. I'm the director of a drop-in center for homeless and at-risk youth. This summer we started a program called Wellness Bingo. The kids, staff and volunteers all have a bingo card where each square is filled with a healthy task like exercise with a friend twice this week for 30 minutes or drink 8 glasses of water three days this week. My favorite is sing in the shower three times this week. I keep forgetting to do that. I've hung all the bingo cards on the wall, and when one of us completes a task, we put a sticker on that square. There are prizes associated with getting a bingo.

Also, we are a part of the YWCA and have access to their facility. Beginning this summer we have been going to water aerobics twice a week and doing free swim on Friday. I have to go; if I don't the kids would be upset with me. We are also talking of starting a weight lifting program with the kids. They are very interested. I just need to take the time to do it.

I also have a free membership there since I am an employee, so I've gone over and swam laps a few times during the day. I hope to increase that.

I wrote this blog, though, to share a piece of wisdom I heard recently. I was listening to the radio and came across an interview with a major league pitcher who apparently almost drown at some point. Prior to his near-death experience, he was not doing well as a pitcher. After the event, he improved dramatically.

The interviewer asked him what he accredited this to. He said that instead of thinking of every pitch as part of one big game, he began thinking of each pitch as its own pitch. He didn't dwell on the past pitch, and he didn't think about the next one. He just pitched that ball, and viewed it as a single event.

I reflected on this with regards to my life in general and in relationship to my journey to lose weight. We all have had the experience of making one mistake during the day and then calling off the whole day and eating whatever we want and not exercising.

What if we looked at each mean, each snack, each workout as its own thing? What if we didn't group things together as a whole? It seems like getting healthy might seem less overwhelming. It seems we'd be more able to forgive ourselves for a misstep. It seems it would be easier to do better at the next meal.

It makes a lot of sense to me, and I hope I remember it as I continue on my journey.
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