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Explaining Myself for This Week

Friday, July 20, 2012

So, the last few status updates here on SP haven't been too terribly chipper. Obviously that's out of character for me. I consider myself to be a stable, cheerful, optimistic individual that experiences the usual ebb and flow of human emotion. You know, what is considered "normal" (although I don't think I am by any means!)

This month started off really great and then took a really ugly turn for the worst. My grandmother had thrown a few extra bucks my way and I got a bit of an extra tax refund back, so I had a little bit of a money buffer zone. I was planning on doing some small, but fun, things for myself since I'd been cooped up from recovering from surgery and I know next semester is going to be loooooong and very, very busy. Basically, I was just going to see a bunch of movies at the theatre that I was excited for. That's pretty rare for me. I wanted to see Brave, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Magic Mike, Ted, The Dark Knight Rises, and more.

Also, I had Comic-Con this month. WOO! Once again I got chosen to be a volunteer and I could write a whole series of blogs about the fun I had all weekend. Sitting through panels of my favorite shows, identifying cosplayer's costumes, camping out next to the convention center overnight, spotting celebs in the crowd, donating blood, free schwag, and so much more! In fact, here's a few photos...

Walking Dead panel (one of my favorite shows!)

Supernatural panel

Inside the Frankenweenie graveyard

Maybe I'll post some more later. Anyway, for 3 hours of work a day, it was well worth it. I had an absolute blast.

But, the first sign of money trouble ahead came with an email sent to me the late afternoon of July 6. It was from the program director for the DSS program. Suddenly, "they" decided to make a bunch of deadlines for everyone to get their paperwork in. The only requirement prior to this email was that it was done WELL before school started. So, I was planning on getting my physical and TB test done around the first of next month. Well, now I had only 20 days to get that done. Also, there was a new policy instituted for a drug test and background check. That had the same 20 day deadline. And it cost me almost $70, out of pocket... and we won't be reimbursed for it. Knowing I had some money cushion, I just sucked it up and paid for it. Then, I have a doctor's co-pay for my physical. $25... ouchie. Then, I had bloodwork ordered from the doc because apparently last time my cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels were "creeping up" and she wanted to check them again to see if they've gone back down to more normal levels. Oddly, I wasn't told about that before. So, that was an unpleasant surprise. Turns out I had a "small" balance at the lab (I'm guessing something having to do with my surgery) and they wouldn't do my bloodwork until I paid it. So, luckily, I had a tiny dab of space on my credit card and paid it. Another $60 there. All of this is just for a practicum class- 2 units- to get my DSS certificate! Geez! (Not to mention books, a lab coat, and "professional" clothing I'll be having to buy, too. Don't get me started!)

The next ugly thing to come up was the first day I volunteered at Comic-Con. I was working in the afternoon on Wednesday. I hadn't had a chance to eat anything at that point, so I was chewing some gum while handing out the iconic giant bags and schedules. Suddenly, my gum got crunchy. I was like... "Hmmmm... gum isn't supposed to be crunchy." Turns out I a) lost a filling in one of my molars or b) chipped/crumbled said molar. Either way, it left a gaping hole in my tooth that, thanks to my packed back-to-back schedule for the con, I was not going to be able to take care of until Monday. So, first thing on Monday, I call and get a quickie appointment since it was considered an emergency. They do some x-rays to find out the dealio is and I'm informed I have "a lot" of cavities... many on the verge of requiring root canals and need to be taken care of ASAP. It has been a while since I've been able to take care of my teeth like that. I used to be very vigilant about it. Then I stopped having insurance. Boo. Well, needless to say, the "down payment" for my dental treatments took up the remaining money cushion I had. And will take up all my grocery money AND THEN SOME next month for the remaining few initial payments before becoming lower monthly payments. That I'll be paying for the next 17 months. Woo.

On top of financial stress, I've been troubled by a few other things. My fingers have been really stiff and sore in the joints lately. I wouldn't be surprised if I had rheumatoid arthritis thanks to all the RA medication commercials I used to make fun of. The narrator always made it sound so dramatic. And he never said it out: rheumatoid arthritis... he always said it R-A. Karma, man.

And one of my roommates and I (and the other roomie) aren't getting along too well lately. The two of us feel the third is being a bit selfish and inconsiderate when it comes to things around the house. Last night when we got home from the grunion run we attempted (with marginal success) we found one of our living room blankets just thrown haphazardly on the floor. I just washed that blanket THAT DAY and the floor over there has not been vacuumed in I don't know how long. So not cool. This is also a regular occurrence, not only with the living room blankets, but also the throw pillows on the couch. Why the floor seems to be a good place to throw those, I'll never know. The floor is filthy and that's just plain ol' NOT WHERE THOSE BELONG!!! And the roommate doesn't wipe down the kitchen counters when it's crumbed up from making food. And this roommate scolded me for something like I was a child. It was something I did because of my tooth emergency and the roommate had to rearrange some social plans to accommodate. So sorry the gaping, painful hole in my tooth was so inconveniencing for YOU. Next time, I'll ask my body to not have any more emergencies so that you could easily go hang out with your friends. The two of us roomies are starting to feel the resentment grow with the third one. And at this point, I don't know what to do about it. I'm too pissed off to have a calm, rational conversation with the other roomie, so I dunno.The third roomie doesn't like confrontation, so I doubt I'd have any support there.

Despite all this, I've been trying to stay on some sort of healthy track. For Comic-Con I packed healthy snacks- fruit, veggies and dips, cashew butter and jelly sammies on wheat, homemade trail mix, pretzels, etc. I drank lots of water (and coffee!), so I tried. I've been keeping relatively active with just normal household activities, but I'm pretty ready to get back into an exercise routine. This Saturday I'll be going stand up paddleboarding with the members of the San Diego Spark Team!!! Thank goodness. I need to do something fun and healthy with some great company.

I wish I had cash so that I could do some fun stuff later in the year. I wanted to do the Iron Girl 5k and the Color Run, which are both in November. But, if my financial situation remains unchanged, I won't get to do ANY 5k's this year. I've only done one total. I want to do more and have fun. Oh, well.

So... we'll see where the next few days and weeks take me.
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    There is a way for you to be able to run in some 5ks and not pay the entrance fee. Some races will let you run if you volunteer your time at another race. Races aren't cheap. My friend runs in marathons and she pays $100+ per race. if she does more than one race a year, you can see how fast the fees add. I had signed up and paid for the Spartan Race I'm going in November. Did that before I got laid off. By enrolling a head of time, I saved on costs. but, it was still a bit pricey. can't ask for a refund either. totally non refundable.

    anyway, talk to the local running chapter/charity that runs those 5K events. See if you can volunteer for a couple of races to get free entrance to one you want. that's worth a try. 5ks can add up fast too.

    oh and to make a little money on the side, have you considered a yard sale ? Tis the season. one man's junk is another man's treasure. So, why not turn some of your junk into treasure ? it's a way to clear out your closets too.

    3193 days ago
    You already know that my household is experiencing a bit of financial stress, too, so I understand how that feels. One thing I tell myself constantly is that it is not hard to make money - you just have to figure out a way. Even if it's just a little, it will help. We are selling stuff left, right, and center, and I think I'm going to go round up some purses and handbags at thrift stores and sell them on ebay for a few dollars in profit. Not much, but something.

    Sorry to hear about all of your health issues. Tooth problems are scary. I'm glad your dentist will accept payments. Maybe the joint pain is something less drastic than RA! I read something the other day...there's some kind of really good herbal supplement for strengthening joints. I can't remember, but I'll look it up and let you know if I find it.

    Have fun with the SUP. I have a friend who has offered to let me try hers out, but I haven't gotten to yet. It looks like a lot of fun.
    3197 days ago
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    How awful that karma knew how much extra $$ came your way, and then pitched a fit for some more. Always seems to happen that way. Keep hanging in there- karma may just bite your roomie in the butt- may not help, but could make you feel better. Just sayin. Take care.

    3197 days ago
    3197 days ago
    Yikes, I hope things calm down for you. Take care.
    3198 days ago
    Oh my goodness! I was stressed just reading this, I can't imagine how you feel living it! I'm glad you had a fun time at Comic Con and of course we'll have a blast tomorrow! See you then!
    3198 days ago

    I understand.
    3198 days ago
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