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Teach a Man to Fish with Food Choices

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before we begin today's story, just a quick status update.

Stand back! I got guns!

Still too much blah-bulk due to fat, but check out my shoulders! Muscles, they be coming!

Today was day 1 of the "Husband Diet". He's impressed with my progress, and asked me to help him with his diet! I'm supposed to tell him what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


But, I am loathe to use disposable plastic baggies for lunch.

I went shopping at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond to get the following items:

A lunch cooler, main lunch compartment, and 2 snack containers. I bought a single serving size salad dressing tube at BBB. He'll be eating lots of salads on my menu.

Everything tucks neatly into the lunch cooler.

I came home and started menu planning. I felt like a personal chef.

While I prepared his lunch last night, he told me about how he loaded up on sandwiches and M&M's in the day. He made a martini after dinner. He sounded like a man on death row eating his last meals.

I asked him what he was doing. He said he was going to enjoy these things before he starved for the next month. He had an image of eating carrots and celery sticks for lunch.

I laughed. He's going to get more food than he normally eats, believe me.

My meal plan basically goes:

Breakfast: Homemade protein bars (discussed in my other blog)
Lunch: Turkey arugula-romaine, cucumber, and bell pepper salad with a balsamic-olive oil-lemon juice salad dressing. 1 deviled egg.
Snack #1: Blueberries and Cherries
Snack #2: Mixed nuts
Snack #3: Tuna and cracker kit
Dinner: Moussaka, salad, and white wine

(Moussaka is a Greek eggplant dish. The way I make it is similar to a lasagna, but using eggplant instead of pasta.)

But see, I'm a tricky minx. I have a pretty good idea on how certain foods will affect his hunger levels. I just want him to be aware of it.

This morning didn't go as planned. As with any change, it can take a while to get into a groove. Despite all the fuss, insistence, and compromise about eating breakfast, I forgot to give him his protein bar with his coffee. LOL!

But he did get out the door with his lunch sack. Yay!

When he came home tonight, I saw that he ate everything. Yay! I asked him how the foods made him feel after eating them.

Fruits: Felt hungry
Nuts: Not hungry
Turkey salad and deviled egg: Very filling. No hunger.
Tuna salad with crackers: Tastes bad. Not filling. Starving after eating.

These results aren't surprising to me. I just wanted him to be conscious of them.


The tuna kit was the only thing that I didn't make from scratch. They are processed food.

I don't eat these, but I thought it might help make the transition easier, and get more protein via the tuna. I think we've established they aren't worth it. I'll make fresh, clean versions next week.

You might be surprised by the fruit result. Yes, even though healthy, it increases hunger via sugar. They are nature's candy.

He ate the fruit when he first got into work. I told him to eat the fruit AFTER his lunch as a dessert next time.

I asked him how he enjoyed his lunch. He said he really liked the turkey salad and deviled egg. He wasn't as ravenous as normal when he came home.

After dinner, he ate his protein bar for 'dessert' since he didn't eat it this morning. Protein increase is on track.

Tomorrow he is in training at work, and they will be providing lunch. Unfortunately, we know it's going to be junk. I hope today's lesson will make him think more about how satiating certain food choices are.

Teaching a man to fish and all.
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