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DH Can't Fish

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Follow up to my blog: Teach a Man to Fish with Food Choices www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

My friends, tonight's tale is about how a dieter failed.

On Sunday, my husband asked me to help him with his diet. I'd be his 'nutritionist' for the next month, telling him what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Great! I get an opportunity to make food choices for DH! Something I'm sure many of us have wished for!

Yesterday, I picked all of his food choices, and guess what? He was full. No snack binges when he came home. He didn't even raid the pantry in the evening.

Seriously. No snacks before or after dinner.


Today he was on a training course where they provided lunch. When he came home, I asked him what he had for lunch.

Any guesses? What kind of lunches would a company provide?

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Bwahahaha! Yeah. No.

emoticon emoticon

Pizza. Yes. Of course pizza.

I asked him how many slices. He said 3, maybe 4.

Ok, so it's 4.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I entered it into his food tracker. My jaw hit the floor.

Calories: 1469
Fat: 62g
Carbs: 163 (!!!)
Protein: 63g

The exchange went like this:

Him: (coming home, raids the refrigerator for snacks)
Me: Hey!! I'm making dinner here.
Him: I'm hungry.
Me: So...what did you have for lunch?
Him: Ummm. You're not going to like this. Pizza.
Me: (grumbling)

(We eat dinner. I go to enter his calories in the food tracker.)

Him: So how bad is the damage?
Me: (grumbling) Let me check. How big was the pizza?
Him: It was a medium.
Me: (skeptical) Are you sure it was a medium?
Him: Yeah, it wasn't a large.
Me: How many slices did you have?
Him: Ummm. 3, but maybe 4. I can't remember if I went back for a 4th.
Me: So it was a large, and you had 4.
Him: No! No! It was a medium and I had 3, maybe 4! I'm sure of it!
Me: (puts in 4 slices of large pizza)
Him: How bad is it?
Me: I'm quitting!
Him: It can't be that bad.
Me: 1469 calories! You just ate more calories at lunch then I've had the entire day! I ate 1275 calories. FOR THE WHOLE DAY!
Him: (laughing)
Me: You were supposed to have 80g carbs for the day, and you've had 210g.
Him: (laughing) But you said I needed more protein! I went for the meat pizzas! (laughing hysterically)
Me: (literal facepalm. Seriously. I facepalmed.)
Me: (pointing at the data) This is why you're fat.
Him: Ok, ok. Maybe I should go exercise.
Me: Exercise won't make up for this! You can't exercise away a bad diet!
Him: Exercise will help!
Me: If it helped, then you wouldn't be fat!
Him: Ok, ok.
Me: I quit!
Him: Awwww! I just had a bad day!
Me: If you keep doing this, then I'm ending this experiment because I can't undo what you're doing.
Him: Ok, I get it. Can I have a snack? I'm hungry.
Me: !!!!!
Him: Maybe some nuts.
Me: You wouldn't be hungry if you didn't have 163g carbs in 15 minutes! You spiked your insulin through the roof. That's why dinner didn't make you full, and why you still want to eat.
Him: (goes to the pantry and raids the nuts.)
Me: Admit it. My food choices were better. When you came home yesterday, you didn't raid the pantry for snacks. After dinner, you didn't go looking for snacks.
Him: (silence)
Me: Well?
Him: (pouting)
Me: Right? You weren't hungry.
Him: Ok, I get it!
Me: I quit!
Him: (laughing) Awww it was a bad day! I'll do better tomorrow!

Yeah, I know this cycle all too well. Been there, done that.

So yesterday's 'fishing' lesson didn't get through. Bwhahaha! You probably all knew that already.

Maybe I'll try wax on/wax off next.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh... I'm about to kill him. Just about to blog about it now. ;)
    3100 days ago
    Good luck! Based on the transcript I just read...I would not touch this experiment with a ten food pole!

    Also, part of me does not want my husband to diet because he would do something like cut out one beer a day and lose 10 lbs and then I'd have to kill him....

    3100 days ago
    Keep trying. He was in a training session... I'm sure there were no other choices... make sure he is drinking his water.
    3101 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    3101 days ago
    My husband and I have had similar conversations. You are giving him all the right answers and support and it sounds like it's getting through slowly but surely.
    3101 days ago
    It was a lighthearted exchange. There was lots of laughing. :) He was sent off this morning with a healthy lunch to get back on track!
    3101 days ago
    Wow, hope he gets it soon. Keep trying.
    3101 days ago
  • BILL60
    We all fall off. Give him some time. I have all the faith in him.
    3101 days ago
    HAHAHA! Well, I think he'll get it eventually. Becoming aware of the insulin spikes and ensuing hunger is really important...good for you for pointing it out to him. He seems to want to learn this stuff, which is good!
    3101 days ago
    he sounds like he still WANTS to continue that's better than with my DH
    3101 days ago
    He can get back on the wagon. (As long as he learns from it, right?) ;-)
    3101 days ago

    Come to Upstate NY and plan and cook all of MY meals!

    I'd eat 'em and avoid the pizza!

    3101 days ago
    ROFL! Actually, I think this went pretty darn well! At least he didn't try to justify 12 beers!


    (This is not me doing yoga, this is me laughing my bleep off!)
    3102 days ago
    Oooops. I know just how he feels. Been there...um...recently!
    3102 days ago
    (sigh) that just reminds me how when I was a student my friend and I used to eat 3 large pizzas between us in one sitting. 4 slices? how about 12?
    3102 days ago
    ROFL! THIS is why I refuse to engage with my husband in this context.

    Our journey toward being together on this journey was an extremely looonng one. it took four years of watching me find my way and start achieving some success, talking about my own growing understanding of portions, balance... he slowly started adopting my habits in his own way (and he still struggles in public situations with both extremely limited and too many choices)... but it was very much a two steps forward, three steps back journey. What drives my husband right now, and keeps him solid is the 'not hungry' factor, and the fact that he respects what I'm trying to do for our daughter and he supports me by being the best example and support he can be.

    Take heart... your example and success WILL win in the end!

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}
    3102 days ago
    sounds like he is on the 20/80 plan
    3102 days ago
    ha ha! He doesn't have to fish. He caught a wife!!!!!
    3102 days ago
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