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NSV #7 Learning to Leave the Comfort Zone

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming support on my blogs about my Non Scale Victories. I DO feel better about myself this week for having concentrated on the POSITIVES instead of the scale not moving. and certainly because of all of your encouragement. As several people mentioned, t's about our NOTICING all the positive changes we've made without even realizing it. NSV's abound if we only see them!

When I think about everything I've done to lose the weight it boils down to LEAVING MY COMFORT ZONE. That's the #1 secret to success! We HAVE to be willing to change and try something new.

When I was on the Facebook page for the local women's running club, I came across these quotes and a comment from BENTLEY. Bentley is not a woman, even though he's a member of the club. He's about 6' 7" who racewalks on the same city trail that we use. He can racewalk about three times as fast as I can jog!!

"Your comfort zone is always a moving target. You push hard and you build a new comfort zone and that is a new base. Stay there for awhile and then push again and you build a new base. Soon you will have a whole new comfort zone and you will be much fitter. I see way too many people doing the same training day after day and they don't get any better. They are not pushing hard enough. Believe me, if you push, you will get better, you will get fitter and it will get easier."
So today, Sparkpeople, let's do something OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES. Let's push farther than we think we can. When we are ready to quit let's go ONE MORE MINUTE. We will be proud. We will be empowered. We will see that WE CAN DO IT!

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