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August Goals

Thursday, August 02, 2012

When I review my calendar I see that I now weigh one pound more than I did on May 6, the day after the Indy Half Marathon. (GAK!) Does that make me a success or a failure?

*SUCCESS - I didn't gain any weight for nearly three whole months!
*FAILURE - I didn't lose any more and I need to.

The mitigating factor is that I was on vacation all of May and two weeks in July. Now that I am (ahem) doing a better job of recognizing and appreciating my NSVs I think I have to count the last three months as a success!

emoticon emoticon

Now for August:

Nothing on the horizon. No vacations, no parties, no nothing that should knock me off track. So my goal for August is to lose at least five pounds AND to eat more mindfully. I've already broken the nasty habit of eating in front of the TV. We eat all our meals at the kitchen table, but now I have to break the habit of READING during meals. I've got to focus on my food and my level of hunger and satiety.

So that's the plan for August! I'm gunning for the 140s!!

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