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Into life a little rain...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

and a monsoon must fall! The deluge of rain made a run un-doable for me this a.m. but my cardio tennis class later in the morning REALLY tired me out so it's just as well, I suppose. An interval walk tonight will do nicely and then I can run tomorrow!
Yesterday's exercise consisted of an hour on the elliptical and a brisk, hot walk with the dog for 30 minutes. I had a good food day yesterday too.
Today I did great with breakfast and lunch - then overate some coconut crisps (darn you, Trader Joe's!) - but I figure if I stay on track with dinner I should be fine. I'm burning so many calories...but what I really need is a nap.
Anyone else not able to get sparkpoints to work? I can't get the login wheel or the bonus wheel to work. :-( Oh, well.
Off for a 20 minute snooze...
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