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My mind is racing (unfortunately, no calorie burn in that)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I just have a lot on my mind today. I tried to blog earlier but couldn't pull anything coherent together and just gave up. I'll try again, except this time there's a warning: nothing coherent here!

Thanks for ALL the great comments on my 5K blog! I was so touched by your kind words and encouragement. I love Sparkpeople; a success for one is a success for ALL. We rock!

I got emotional when I read the comment from Rooster72, below:

"Maybe there were only 2 entries in your category - but you beat all the 50-59 year old women who
- used to run, and have given it away
- run. but did not have the confidence to enter a 5k
- sat at home on the couch, never thinking of getting off it for their health"

Well, I used to be one of those women on the couch. When I first met my husband 23 years ago I was not active at all and controlled my weight with cigarettes and skipping meals. He was always an athlete through school and coached high school sports for 15 years, so he was very active.

Until he married me! I remember he tried to get me out of the house for walks in the early days and I'd go about a half mile and that was it. I told him "I never sweat." He STILL teases me about that because now I sweat like a longshoreman! I asked him today why he seemed to give up sports once we got married and he said it was because I wasn't into it. He paused and then said he loves how ATHLETIC I AM NOW!

WHAT? Did I hear that right? Did he said I was ATHLETIC??????

It's a pretty big compliment, not sure it's accurate, but I'll take it! I don't feel athletic because it's all HARD. It never stops being HARD. But I do keep getting out there, so that's something. We signed up to run another 5K in two weeks. This one will be much bigger than last week's so I don't think I'll come in first!!

I hit my lowest weight of the year for the second time today. I weighed 152.5 on May 6, the day after the Indy Half Marathon and I weigh that today. I'm really motivated to keep going this time BUT the fitness center is cancelling group fitness classes for 11 days! They are refinishing the floors in that room. This is a big blow because I'm basically lazy and have an external locus of control. FITNESS NAZI, I NEED YOU! But I'm on my own for the next 11 days. There still will be bike classes, and I can run and walk, and apparently all that crap I walk past each day are weight machines that I can learn to use...so I just have to make it work!

On the personal front, a few bumps. My daughter went to the obstetrician today and he couldn't find a heartbeat for her 3-month old fetus. She was told that is not uncommon but the first appt. for an ultrasound isn't for another WEEK. Needless to say she is upset, concerned, and basically freaking out. It doesn't seem right to me, that he would tell her that and then not be able to get her in to check for 8 days!

My father is trying to sell a tractor without success so I helped him put an ad on Craigslist. Of course my sister and I both warned him about taking cash only, no checks, don't deal with anyone far away, etc. etc. Dad was all happy when he called yesterday to say he sold it to a man who lives 600 miles away. And the man wanted to transfer the money directly from his bank into my dad's bank account. And my dad gave the man his bank account number and routing number. And there's tons and tons of money in that account. I totally freaked out but Dad doesn't see anything wrong because the guy was "clean cut." I couldn't calm down and got my sister and brother involved and I think today my dad at least was going to move his money into another account until the transaction was complete. Of course I want him to close the account completely and open another one, but he thinks I'm totally overreacting.

Parents! It's tough raising them in the internet age!

So that's what's going on in my universe. Hope your day went well!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon on the wt loss and exercise.
    Hope that everything is Ok on your daughter's pregnancy also that you dad was quicker in removing that cash from the checking. It is rather hard to trust any internet transactions these days. The buyer could have sent money by e-mail transfer without getting the account #. Praying all stays well.

    2847 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Oh sweetie you have a lot to freak out about. Perhaps your daughter should find a new doctor. That is so cruel to make her wait all that time... but if he was really concerned he would have sent her right away, yes?
    Yikes... Perhaps that account should be left just for those kind of shady transactions and that savings need to go into an account or CD that gets more of a return and has a new account number. Who could say no to more money, right?

    Please keep us posted. I'll be praying for happy endings all around.
    2848 days ago
    Yes, you are athletic--own it and be proud of yourself for becoming that. Have fun learning about all those machines you walk by in the gym; they can be a little intimidating at first, but they are worth getting to know. I can't imagine all the emotions your daughter is going through right now, praying that all is well there--and with your dad. I'd be a little upset about that, too! No wonder your mind is racing with all that is going on.

    2848 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9922996
    Your blog is far from incoherent, but you have a LOT going on right now; definitely a challenge to manage all the emotions (positive and negative) as well as the tension of waiting to hear about your daughter's child and your dad's (hopefully) successful transaction. The internet age was not meant for trusting how people look...

    Fingers crossed for you on all accounts.

    2848 days ago
    Oh I'm sure that your daughter is freaking out. Is this her first baby? Can she get on a waiting list for an earlier ultrasound appointment? I'll be praying for her and the baby!

    As for your dad, I would definitely keep trying to get him to close that account. How scary!

    Congrats on the weight loss & the race, how awesome for you! Every time you think of an excuse not to exercise during the next 11 days, yell (out loud) to yourself "NO EXCUSES" and then get out there and exercise til your nothing but a sweaty mess! :)

    2848 days ago
    OH dear ... I hear your worries and I feel your "parental" pain, both to your child and your parent. I will be praying for all of you as you work through these situations. Talk about stress .. Wowzer! emoticon
    2849 days ago
    Wow! That should burn a few calories, too bad it doesn't. Hope you hear good news for your daughter, and your dad doesn't get ripped off!
    2849 days ago
    You do have a lot of stuff going on-
    my mind would be racing, too!
    This is perfect chance for you to get to know those wt machines intimately.
    There are so many how to videos here on SP-
    just pic 3 new machines to do each day-
    try to pick some that work multiple muscles-
    like the assisted pull up/ dip machine-
    which will work your core, arms, shoulders...

    2849 days ago
  • TBARBOUR0322
    I hope all is well with your daughter.
    2849 days ago
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