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Seriously stagnating

Thursday, August 09, 2012

So it's been a year now since I got back into shape. LA Fitness has officially saved my life! Oh how I love thee! Can't wait to get back out and hike again when the wicked weather cools a bit. That said, I seriously need a new lifting routine. Getting BORED, not seeing a whole lot of results, not doing enough. Started back in with more gym classes and can feel it in my joints. My usual routine consists of more HIIT cardio, less time in duration. Whenever I amp it up without decreasing intensity enough (that is hard for me!), I get "the aches". Like knee pressure when I squat down to change my kids diaper. Or shin splint type stuff. Weird how HIIT can help prevent that, especially when I am doing flying windmills and power squats, etc, but it does. AND I am just as lean if not leaner when I don't do the classes and just stick to HIIT and my boxing classes (and heavy weights). So I need to experiment with it all. I'd love to find a local lifting partner but no way will I waste time and to be honest I am afraid that is exactly what will happen. I know very few people willing to work as hard as me (in real life!) and that is the person I need! And one that wants to lift heavy...also hard to find in a FEMALE. Oh well, I'll figure it out. We are going into Winter, when my kids are sick 80% of the time and foil my schedule 80% of the time so here's hoping...
I've decided that my aches have been partially due to old shoes. Do you know how difficult it is to find shoes that have really good lateral support anymore? So, I've decided to get me some Vibram FiveFingers for the gym! The cross trainer ones. Seem like they will be just as effective as anything else and my kickbox instructor wears them so.... I'll post a pic when I get them this weekend. My big splurge! :)
Gotta get to the gym. More later!
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    I hear you on the whole local gym buddy thing, and that's why I'm doing NROL4W alone in my basement, and checking in with friends online about it.

    And because it's my basement, I just lift in my bare feet. I wear socks on the rare times I venture out to lift in a gym setting.

    2938 days ago
    I know what you are talking about with finding a gym partner that has the same goals....it is virtually impossible. Plus trying to find one that wont just talk the whole time and make the gym last 4 hours! I have had 5 "partners" throughout my life who "wanted" to get in shape. Shesh, talk really is cheap! When I was first starting out, like a year into working out, two girls and I made plans to go over to one of their houses to work out. They didn't want to go to my house, they wouldn't say why either. We went to one of their houses because she had a home gym. After her husband saw my husbands, he decided he wanted one too. It is nice having the stuff at home! Well, we went to her house and she only had one bike, and we weren't allowed to touch her bench and cage, or the weights, so we had to take turns on the bike. I went first, did my 30 minutes, the next girl went, and did her 5 minutes, and the last girl said she couldn't because her kids. When I offered to watch them (I was kid less at the time) she told me no, and just used her son (who was playing in another room at the time) as the reason she wouldn't participate. Funny how I had a home gym that had more to offer and they refused to come to my house, but my first friend with the inferior gym claimed to have something to offer, ended up having only one thing, and they wanted to go there. Plus, they never even tried, the girl who did the 5 minutes might as well have never peddled she went so slow. Turns out she never got on the bike again. They ended up selling it because her husband was mad that in the 3 years of owning it she never used it other than that one day! That is just one of my great "partner" stories lol!

    I also know what you are talking about with shoes. I can't run because I get shin splints. I learned that my shoes may be a contributing factor, but I don't know how to find good shoes. And the kids at these shoe stores don't know anything! They just show you the shoe display that says, running, walking and basically do the "eenie meenie miney moe" deal, or flip a coin and expect us to take there word for it. My sketchers do not make my feet feel good after a run, let alone a workout. Nice to know the world is finally filled with stupid. Oh well.

    Oh, if you are not seeing results with weight lifting, you have just plateaed. Keep it up, it will break eventually. My husband used to be a bodybuilder on his way to compete. He had all the knowledge and body to prove it, but we got married and had kids and we needed to make a living so he gave up on that. But I told him my weights won't increase and i think I have plateaed and he told me to keep going, even if for a few months or more I don't increase, i will after awhile. Our body gets used to the weight, but eventually we are able to push past this point. Just dont give up.

    If your shoes are the ones that look like feet, I have heard good things about them.
    2966 days ago
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