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Day 26: Because sometimes, there are good days!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, hello there! I feel obligated to warn you right off the bat that I'm quite tired, it is after midnight of a very long day and no nap, and I might get a little rambly. Because, you know, none of you have ever read me ramble before. *eyeroll* ... But, I felt it safe to warn you anyway. I'm going to try and be brief, as I really am tired.

Very long day today - took my dad to the cardiologist. he had to wear a monitor for 24 hours last week, and got the results today. They see a "darkened area" surrounding his heart, and think there is blockage in his veins. They're going to do a catherization next week. Two very distinct moments during this visit.

1) My very heavy, very ill father now outweighs me by more than 100 pounds. This time last year, after one of his hospitalizations, and one of my eating binges, he only outweighed me by about 60. This makes me sad for him, but at the same time, I'm losing weight and doing good.

2) The doctor decided he had to fill his lecture quota for the week while we were there, and started going at my dad about his eating habits, and how he's got to change his evil unhealthy ways. Then, the doctor turned and looked at me and said, "You're not very old. You're what, 28? (sidebar: I'm 35, and I now love this man) You're well on your way to having the same problems your dad has if you don't start taking care of yourself NOW." My response? "You're absolutely right, doctor. Which is why I've consulted my own doctor, am on a very strict diet, and have lost 15 pounds in the last month." He was sooo happy, and could not stop congratulating me. It felt so awesome.

Those two events were big for me today, but even bigger? I wore a belt today. For the first time in years! And my favorite pair of dreams? Starting to slip and fall and I might need to get rid of them soon. I'm BEAMING over this!!! Come on, wherever you are right at this moment, stand up and happy dance with me. w00h000!!!!!

Even more than that, I just had a great day today. When I weighed myself this morning, I had a FIVE as the second digit in my wait. 259.5 ... Under 260. *sigh* My calories were spot on today - just over 600. I was a good girl and did my drops. I drank water. I ate well - even eating out!

Lunch: We went to a bbq joint. I had the chargilled chicken sammich, with cole slaw and a tiny sliver of garlic bread. And one french fry - which I totally put in the picture before I ate it so I could be absolutely accountable!! I took the chicken off the bun and didn't eat the bun. And the coleslaw? This place has really yummy sides - like fried okra, baked sweet potatoes, corn nuggets, and some of my favorite french fries ever. So, I opted for the cole slaw. Because, I really wanted something way more yumified. So, it was kind of a treat. Kind of.

Dinner: grabbed some frozen chicken, threw on a can of mushrooms, emptied out half of a packet of instant onion soup, and baked. Just doesn't get any easier than that! Also? Asparagus, one of my favorites!!

Not a bad day. Tomorrow? Will be even better!

Remember, if I can do this, you can do this. Keep moving!!
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  • no profile photo CD8923508
    Sorry to hear about your dad, but you're going to change your family tree. You and your kids are NOT going to have to deal with lectures like that! Kick butt!
    3015 days ago
    Isn't it great when a doctor starts to lecture, and you can do the "hair flip over the shoulder with self-satisfaction" and deliver your VERY OWN HAPPY AWESOME LECTURE back?

    And then get high-fives and fireworks and parades? (Or is that just in my imagination?? --- surely not!)

    in the words of my 8 yr old son, "BOOOOH-yah!!!"

    (you have room for many groundhogs in those too-big jeans!)
    3017 days ago
    Also, perhaps you should consider suspenders instead of a belt. Rock it like its 1992.
    3024 days ago
    Happy Dance!!!! emoticon (That's a happy dance with your too big jeans!!) Oh my goodness, YCA, what great, great, great news!! Good job! I'm jumping up and down, clapping, I'm so happy for you.
    3024 days ago
    You are doing great....I can hear it in your words!
    3025 days ago
    Everything looks so delicious.. & you staying motivated.. Congrats...
    You can do it...
    3026 days ago
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