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Friday, August 31, 2012

I haven't had cereal for at least 5 years or more since I went low carb, but ever since I answered the 50 questions in a bog and said that my favorite cereal is Rice Chex, I have been craving Rice Chex for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I just couldn't get them off my mind. So, today I asked DH to get me a box of Rice Chex when he went grocery shopping and I had a bowl with whole milk as soon as I got home from work this afternoon (early out for the holiday weekend) What a pleasure and relief.

I think that sometimes when we deny ourselves certain foods for a really long time and get a real hankering for them, that we should just have some and get it over with. Now I can stop thinking about it. I'm sure I'll have a few more bowls, but then I'll be done with my Rice Chex for a long time, but I'm not giving them up forever. I'm sure they'll still be selling them in another year or two from now.

I used to deny myself Peanut butter for years and I became obsessed and if there was any PB in the house I was like a drug addict, eating all of it till it was gone. Now that I have it in the house regularly and allow myself a few teaspoons every now and then, I don't crave it like a lunatic anymore.

Maybe a little bit of what we love in moderation is better than total deprivation. So, I think I will enjoy a small bowl of my Rice Chex for breakfast this holiday weekend as a special treat and feel satisfied and move on. (It brought be me back to my childhood of RC, Cherios and Rice Crispies... The low sugar cereals my mom used to give me.) Monday I'll be back to my low carb breakfast and move forward.

We deserve a special treat every now and then, just not every few days.

Happy Labor Day everyone.


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    Completely agree. If we deny ourselves something that we enjoy the desire for it will continue to grow until a binge occurs then we're in the guilt rut and that will usually cause another binge of something...

    Moderation is awesome. Have some of that special treat every once in a while, it helps to maintain the sanity!
    3140 days ago
    It happens. I try to stick with an 80/20 plan, normally saving it for times like when we have to go out or something, but this would fall into a plan like that. If you don't have an obvious intolerance, and it keeps you in check otherwise, get it out of your system. Then you might wonder what the big deal was in the first place and not want them anymore :)

    3142 days ago
    Me, it's the peanut M&M's. I let myself have 4 a day at work. I think of them as my "happy pills".

    You're right, a small indulgence often prevents a huge binge.
    3143 days ago
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