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Trying to Keep My Head Above Water

Saturday, September 01, 2012

... So far I'm doing okay with that. I'm still praying for things to get better. They certainly haven't gotten much worse, which I guess is acceptable.

My dad called me today to let me know he took my mom to the ER. She had been experiencing some pretty bad physical symptoms over the last few days, most likely from her liver being to taxed by the constant intake of alcohol. I haven't spoken to anyone "in the know" like a doctor, so that's really only speculation on my part. I can't imagine what else it would be, though. I suppose a trip to the ER is a step in the right direction, though. My dad has been constantly fighting with the insurance company and has figured at this point he isn't going to win this one. We (me, my dad, and my aunt) all feel pretty helpless at this point. It's a sad state of affairs when an insurance company made up of money-grubbing asshats, NOT doctors or mental health professionals, decides what's best for you. People say universal healthcare is socialist and would never work here... I know many an ex-pat Canadian and UK citizen that would beg to differ. They hate our healthcare system. If my mom were in one of those other countries, we wouldn't have to worry about $14,000-$17,000 out of pocket (who the HELL has that kind of money anyway?!?!) to get her the help she desperately needs. I'm off my soapbox now.We'll see what happens in the next few days/weeks. Hopefully some sort of favorable solution or outcome presents itself.

I technically started my practicum last week, although, sadly, I have nothing good to report on it. Wednesday was the first day. I was scheduled for 6 hours. I stayed 1 1/2. That same day, the head cook had to leave for a family emergency, which meant my preceptor had to take over kitchen duties. Therefore, no time to "train" my partner and I. We had decided if we didn't hear from our preceptor that we would show up for the next day (in case she was able to get someone to cover the head cook's position). Well, I didn't hear from her, so I got up at 5:15am, got on a bus at 6:10am, got on a trolley at 6:30ish, and was just about to board my last bus at 7am for the final 20 minute journey when I got a missed call saying I didn't need to come in because my preceptor was going to have to be in the kitchen again. My guess is she called when I didn't get reception- possibly in a tunnel or something- so, I couldn't get off the trolley and head back. So, I took the hour long journey back home. Seriously disappointed. Doubly so because I had a written assignment that involved interviewing my preceptor and turning it in. Not gonna happen now. Not off to a very good start! I go back on Tuesday at 8am. We'll see if this week fares better.

My grandmother is coming back from her 6 week vacation tonight. Unfortunately, she didn't leave me a check or anything for my rent, so it'll be late. Luckily, I spoke to my landlord-y person and she won't charge us the late fee for turning it in a day late. I hope. Unless I misunderstood, which has happened before with other things. Its stressing me out 'cuz not only do I not have rent money, I don't have bill money, bus fare, or money for a textbook for my class, or money for a set of scrubs so I can show up at practicum properly dressed! Hopefully starting the 6th of Sept. I can donate plasma. At least I'll have a tiny extra dab of money from that. Also, my cooking classes, which may not be weekly, but a few times a month, so I'll have a tiny dab of money from that, too. I wish money wasn't so necessary, ya know? It sucks to have to be so dependent on it for survival.

Well, I guess that's the long and short of things going on in my life.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Seems like life comes in tidal waves. Hope you have a support system of friends and other family members.
    3146 days ago
    You get paid for giving blood?? That would certainly up the donation rate.
    I'm sorry you're having a rough time emoticon I wish I could help.
    3147 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8377237
    I remember when my best friend donated plasma, as often as they would let her, because money was just that tight. At least you know you're helping someone as well as getting that moolah to help you get by. Kind of a double bonus.

    I've been there, that stressed about money, really recently! So I can definitely relate. Just keep swimming (Dora, I think, from Finding Nemo?)!!! Keep that head above water! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel... sometimes it just takes awhile to reach it.

    As for your mom, I'm out of the loop... but I hope the E.R. was able to help alleviate some of her physical symptoms and she's feeling a little better for now. And I agree... I don't get why everyone rants about a socialist healthcare system. The few "bad" things I've ever heard from friends who use it (mostly Canadaian), have far, far been outweighed by the good I've heard. *sigh*
    3148 days ago

    You've certainly had a rough few weeks. Hopefully your mom will get the help she needs in spite of the insurance company.

    Will they let you reschedule your practicum ? It doesn't seem fair that you and your partner should have to suffer because the head cook had a family emergency. it strikes me you both should get more time to prepare with your mentor.

    As far as the rent, I'm sure your land lord will be reasonable and let you pay without charging you a late fee. If you do get the late fee, then your land lord is just as money grubbing as the insurance company.

    Sending a Spark fairy to make your week a little brighter !

    3154 days ago
    Thinking of you, and hoping things get better soon. I feel sure they will.
    3154 days ago
    3155 days ago
    I so hear you and understand! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,my friend! I hope your Mom can get the help she needs and it is one worry off your list! I so agree with health care as well! This is just wrong! On the school issue it seems wrong they do not have a plan for you to handle this situation! So sorry about that big trip in, only to have to turn around and go back...I could feel the weariness!! I hope these things can resolve themselves.
    Yeah. Money, health care, school, family issues...I understand and you have a number of them! I so wish I could help you! Hugs to you and take care of yourself! This too will pass...I too, am counting on that!
    emoticon emoticon
    3155 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6307291
    Jill, are you in culinary school? doesn't seem fair for you to fall behind because your preceptor has been called to other duties... Hope all the rent and money issues work out without stressing you into an overload. emoticon
    3155 days ago
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