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Letter to Myself

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi, Julie. This is yourself speaking. Just here to give you a little encouragement!

Remember how good it felt when you weighed 180.6 pounds at the end of BLC-18? Well, I'd like to see you get there again. That's really not asking too much, is it? You already do great with exercise, doing 10 or so hours per week. You've got a breakfast routine down and usually have a pretty good lunch. So you just need to work on the after 4pm eating and you'll do great!

I know you like to "cheat" sometimes, and that should be OK if it's only done rarely and not near weigh-in day! But just remember how that negates a lot of the hard work you've done for the rest of the week....

You just need to stop yourself from getting overly hungry, because that is when you tend to eat the wrong stuff. So keep sensible snacks around to help with the overeating. It's better to go over your calorie budget by 300 calores of Wheat Thins than to go over it by 1000 calories of Burger King! So if you're starving and need to eat, do it.

You can do it, Julie!!
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