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BLC 20: My 12-week plan

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My 12-week success plan
Here it is! Time for Biggest Loser Club season 20! Here are the goals I have set out to accomplish in the next 12 weeks:

1. Be able to run a 10k without stopping to walk. It doesn’t matter how slow I run, as long as I keep on running!

2. Be able to do at least one unassisted pullup

3. Pounds don’t matter as much as they used to, so for this round, I would like to focus on inches instead: Lose at least 3 inches in my waistline.

4. Complete a 90-day fitness program, such as P90X, Supreme 90, or Insanity! I may decide to mix and match, to create my own hybrid program.

5. Continue on the path of Paleo style eating 80% of the time: balance of protein, veggies, and healthy carbs. I feel great on this eating plan!

I tried to choose goals that are SMART:
Sustainable - These are goals that I can continue to maintain over the longterm.
Measurable - Each goal can be objectively measured
Achievable - Each goal is definitely within my grasp over the next 12 weeks
Relevant - Each goal is meangingful to ME on my fitness journey
Time-bound - I believe i can achieve these goals within the next 12 weeks

I am here to support my fellow Sparkers, and cheer you on as you outline YOUR goals and work to achieve them!

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Here's my starting pic:
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