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Oh, Spark, how I've missed you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey, all!
I'm not a huge blogger to begin with, but thought all my friends might be curious about where I've gotten off to, lol. I was on a bit of an unintentional hiatus, dealing with 4 young kiddos this summer. My focus shifted to park & pool time, library visits & potty training. & there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, of course...except I let myself off the hook with food & managed to pack on about 10lbs. Blech.

I thought once school started that having a more structured day would allow for a bit easier time for meal planning, cooking, etc., but with school comes activities. I've pretty much found that I've got a more structured day, but also more crammed into it. Whew!

While my nutrition pretty much tanked in the hot weather, I kept my workouts consistent, thank goodness! At least I know that even tho I put on weight, I've got a TON more muscle than when I was this weight last.

This week is proving to me that the workout schedule I'd gotten into over the summer is gonna have to be *much* more flexible. I'd usually go to group fitness classes in the evenings, even though I stay home, simply because I like the classes better. But Monday my oldest had his check up at 4:30 & somehow we didn't even get home until after 6! Tuesday I had promised a friend (& forgot until the night before, oops!) that we would make an IKEA trip that morning (during 9:30-10:30 spin) while all but one child was in school, then we had our church Life Group that night at 6:30. Today, I've got a kiddo home with a stomach bug, so no Y for us tonight (& he's missing his swim lesson).

Guess I might have to hijack the tv from the kiddos for a half hour for some old school Jillian! I miss nap time!
& I've lost my train of thought...guess that's all for now... :)
Hope everyone is having a good week!
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