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Sometimes it's not just about the scales

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I went to the doctor today. No issues, went on hormones about 3 months ago after trying valiantly to address post-menopausal symptoms with herbs, etc.; but several weeks of not sleeping led me to take the plunge, and I'm so glad I did!

Had run some blood tests for cholesterol, etc., and the doctor was happy. Numbers were pretty good all the way around, but my LDL (bad) cholestrol was really good, which makes me happy. But the thing that was best was my blood pressure. My Mom had high blood pressure, and mine has always been a little borderline, especially since I've put on some weight in the last few years (well, since I moved to San Antonio, 6 years ago). The last couple of times the upper number was in the 150s (even with the doctor factor, that is high), and the bottom number was in the 80s and once in the 90s. This time it was 142 over 70. So the 142 is still high, but closer to the 140 cutoff, and the bottom number, 70, was very good. My doctor was very pleased.

When I look at my weight, which has remained above what I would like to see, I would conclude that all the walking and watching of what I eat and portion size is doing no good. The proof, however, is in the blood pressure number and the blood tests. My doctor said that while my BMI was a little high, as long as I was working on the other things, he would be pleased.

Made my day! So, hang in there, and again, focus on the things that matter!
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