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I've Been MIA!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello everyone! I know that I've been gone for quite a bit, but my plan is to get myself back on track. First, let me explain why I've been gone...

At first, I was having some health issues related to my fibromyalgia, depression, and IBS. I figured that I wouldn't make a very positive voice on this site had I logged on and tried to accomplish anything. However, I DID log my food the entire time. (Some days were just embarassing!) Last week, my 73 year old dad broke his hip. He had to have surgery to put a rod into his femur. Since my parents live only 15 min. from me, it was kind of my "duty" to take care of my mom and check on my dad too. My mom has fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes, etc., so I was the daughter who called to check on her and make sure all was well there. She's never lived alone longer than a day or two and we're going on day 9 right now. A few days after my dad's surgery, they moved him to a rehab hospital in a town about 45 min. from here. Again, I was the daughter who kind of kept track of my mom and made sure she got up there to see him. Thankfully, he's doing great in rehab and will be released this coming Wed. (which requires me to drive up there again). My sister, who also lives nearby, works full-time and has been in contact with them both by phone, but can't do most of the running as I'm able to b/c I'm on disability and I'm home "all day". (yet I'm never home, go figure!) Add to this my regular life things like taking care of my hubby and son, getting son to trumpet lessons, early morning band rehearsals, getting things done for my quilting guild, trying to clean the house, and do laundry. Yes, I'm incredibly pooped and my fibro is flaring like crazy! (If you have fibro, you can understand this) Not many "extra" or "enjoyable" things have been going on in my life, so even the thought of logging on SP and trying to write people, update things, etc. exhausted me. Like I said, I have been tracking my food for the most part. It's not helping anything to happen, like lose weight, but at least I'm still doing it, right?

I'm sure a lot of you have had hit major milestones since I last logged on, so CONGRATS! I'll need to catch up with all of you over the next week or so. I've been reading the mail you've been sending, but I haven't had time to reply. Very sorry about that. Please forgive me!!

How's everyone doing with their healthy lifestyles? Getting sleep? Drinking water? Tracking? Getting activity? I've discovered that walking around hospitals and their parking garages are great for racking up the activity times! Has anyone had to change their exercising due to the cooler temps outside? This is my kind of weather, so this may motivate me to actually get out and walk or something. I have a ton of gardening "catch up" to do this weekend to prepare for fall, so I think that will make up a majority of my activity!

So, again I apologize for being out of touch. I know that had I logged in, you all would've been very supportive and sweet and encouraging, as usual. I've just been so drained every day, that there hasn't been much "me" left by the time I'd be able to get on the computer!

I hope you're all doing wonderfully and if you're not, please feel free to write me a note if you need some help. I'm going to really try to get on here at least every other day now. Wish me luck! Also, if anyone has any pointers on how to take care of yourself (and your weight) in times of stress and exhaustion, I wouldn't mind hearing them! :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I'll be thinking about all of you (as I always do)!

Hugs!!!!! emoticon
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