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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Sunday, September 30, 2012

There I was standing in my kitchen chopping carrots when in my peripheral vision I thought I saw a dark curly head bending over our cat's food dish. Now, my husband has dark curly hair and I had to wonder what on earth he was doing crawling around on the floor. I got a little closer and found a large black poodle eating out of our cat's food dish.

The poodle had entered through our open screen door and made herself quite at home. She had trotted past the cat without incident. I told my husband Steve to bring our cat Cocoa inside while I escorted tall, dark and handsome out the door. Safe inside Cocoa started making unearthly sounds to terrorize the poodle away. Still wagging its tail the poodle trotted off.

The next day I met the poodle's human. I now know her name is Marlee. It gives the phrase look what the cat dragged in a whole new meaning. emoticon Surprisingly, it did not seem to bother my husband to be mistaken for a dog.
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