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Sunday, October 14, 2012

emoticon Surviving Thanksgiving!!

I mentioned in my last Blog that I was headed north, with the whole Fam-dam-ly, for Canadian Thanksgiving. It was wonderful :) My dinner was the best it has ever been - I had a plan... everyone's favourite treats... even good choice for me so that I wouldn't feel deprived. I allowed myself a small taste of this, a treat of that, and even a few cocktails - but (and I don't know why, but I'm thrilled any ways), I stayed with the PLAN, focused and committed to myself. I didn't feel left out, or hungry, or "tested". Pretty cool stuff!

I had a mental work week, once we got home Monday night. I have even worked 3 days "IN" the last 2 (about 30 hrs). This meant no time to check in on the computer this week. I was bagged... I am happy to say tho, that despite of the stress, the long hours, sleeping lousy, I managed to do well and eat healthy!! Yay!

The scales even showed a 1.3 lb loss despite the Holiday. Things are clicking!!

I was secretly worried while I was away, that when I got back and weighed, that I might have left ONE-derland, after only just arriving back to the scene.. I SOOOO did not want to gain and go back...never!!!

So, actually losing this week, reinforced the fact that I have a choice. The POWER. Ya, ME, I have it, if I actually COMMIT to it. I even got my 8 glasses in this week (this is a tuff one for me) Gotta love the MIO ...

This ONE-derland is the land of improved energy. The land of a more positive attitude... it feels pretty darn good here. There's pride here, a sense of accomplishment!

ONE-derland feels warm and inviting - kinda shines a ray of sunshine on everything! I'm thinking, this is worth the effort to stick around...Better yet I'M worth the effort. Imagine that!!

Keep on Keeping ON!! You're my inspiration!!

emoticon paula
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