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Rome wasn't built in a day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

There’s a lot to be said in this proverb and quite a bit to think about.

The biggest lesson I take out of those six little words is consistency. Consistency is something I never liked. In fact, I’ve always found it boring. It’s so….well….consistent. But I’ve come to learn that big goals require three things: a plan, commitment and consistency.

But…here is what I am learning: If you don’t keep pushing at something big, you won’t reach the goal.

The fact of not committing to being consistent in something, it won’t ever happen. Quote, “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today”

So I gave consistency a hard look and decided to give it a go. And you know what? I found it really worked.

That’s why big dreams remain big dreams. They are simply too big of a bite to take. So it comes down to small bites. Start Small but with a Big Plan in Mind

So I decided to plan a smaller goal. Then I put a plan my motion and told everyone I was going to do it. Which has made me accountable to my goal.

This scared the hell out of me. But as I lose pound for pound with the support of my friends and Spark People, I actually started to see myself reaching my goal. By setting realistic intermediate goals, it helped me to become consistent.

And here’s the thing…I completed that small goal with no problem. I couldn’t believe it. This consistency thing was actually working!

The more pounds I loose the more I am motivated to loose. I was becoming addicted to feeling good!

My goals have become part of my daily routine so it was not all consuming but it was important. And by working at it daily, I know I can reach my target.

I came to realize that there was no other way to accomplish a big goal. You can’t build Rome in a day!

So now, I could see other areas of life where I wasn’t performing in due to a lack of consistency.

If I came clean with myself, I could see that the reason for not reaching big goals was simply a lack of either a plan, commitment or consistency. In my case, the culprit is generally consistency.

1. Set a big goal.
2. Break it down into small goals.
3. Become accountable. Tell everyone your goal.
4. Begin and celebrate the little accomplishments along the way.
5. Watch consistency become a great motivator and a huge upward spiral.
6. Celebrate!! emoticon

So decide the goal, make the commitment and create the plan. Then do it consistently and as you move down the road towards the goal the easier it will be to find the path and stay the course.

Next thing you know, you’ll sit back, survey what you’ve built and look upon Rome…. emoticon
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