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Explosion and catnip heaven

Sunday, November 11, 2012

About 11 pm last night I heard a big boom. Looked outside my window but didn't see anything. Thought maybe someone was doing fireworks again. Then a few minutes later I heard fire sirens. Not good.

An explosion blew up 2 houses about 1 mile west of me. If you saw Today this morning, they had pictures. Two were killed, a few others injured. Most were taken in by friends or family in the area-the local church is a shelter. Response has been wonderful but it will be a long haul for the ones in that housing addition.

Today, the weather was warm and I went out to prune my roses so they wouldn't rub on my window and sound like fingers on a chalkboard. On the way back into the house, I noticed the catnip had grown so I picked it and brought it in for the kitties.

First picture : Do I have to share with you?

Second picture: Catnip heaven. They will sleep good tonight!

Snickers on the left, Sparky on the right.

It's been a difficult weekend. Please pray for the victims of the explosion.
And Boy am I glad my house is total electric! DIana
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