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Being Bullied

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being bullied hurts.
It starts with one word, one word that really hurts.
Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words I so often hear.
They are my biggest fear.

I am so tormented by them,
it takes so long for my heart to mend.
All I ask for is one true friend,
but you make them want their lives to end.

Everyday I wake up with regret,
all I want is to forget.
It's not just the physical abuse, it's mostly the words you say,
they hurt so bad and they want to fade away.

I put on a fake smile and pretend I am okay,
I try and believe it will go away.
Of course your words still offend,
but I have been pieced back together again.

You see, all I needed is a friend,
someone to stand by me when I am down again.
Now I am free,
the insults barely hurt, can you not see?

The bully is never wanted, unless wanted to leave,
The person you bullied now has no need for long sleeves.
Your work here is done, not that it should of started,
now who's the one who feels broken hearted?

Bullying gave you power, that I refused to give,
you can't help but wonder ''what if''.
What if I didn't get so strong?
What if I were crumbled all along?

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