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I really dislike protein!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's true. I have a hard time getting enough protein in most days because I just don't like animal based protein foods. I eat meat daily anyway but I really don't like it! Turkey and chicken I can tolerate more than other animals but I seriously detest the farming practices that most of these animals are subjected to. Not to mention, most animal based food products (meat, dairy, eggs, etc) tend to leave me gassy, constipated, bloated, and otherwise uncomfortable.

I love beans but my son won't eat them and I'd have to eat a gazillion beans every day to get the minimum amount of protein from them, and they're also high in fat and carbs so I'd never get to eat anything else! I know quinoa is a protein, also. What are some other plant based protein sources? I'm having a really hard time forcing myself to eat enough animal products and my protein is at the bottom of my range almost every day!

I have GOT to figure something else out here! After a breakfast of the Special K +protein with high protein almond milk and a lunch of a turkey sandwich, I still had to have 3 egg whites as a snack to get my protein today. I really didn't want that and I'm still gassy from it but I just didn't have anything else in my kitchen tonight emoticon

It's just definitely time for me to rethink this protein situation. I've got to find ways to make it easier for me to get my minimum, preferably without the bloating and intestinal distress I associate with animal products. Ideas?
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    You are right. The typical plant-based diet is lower in protein than the generic protein/fat/carb guidelines based on the "standard american diet." If you are eating a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains and not being hungry, they you probably don' t need to worry too much about the balance.

    Go to the vegetarian and flexitarian groups for advice. I found it too extreme for my taste, but you might want to look at "Forks Over Knives"

    Ari (who enjoys meat, but also tends to fall below the recommended amounts when I track)
    3068 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/26/2012 9:23:22 AM
    First, double check that you're tracking properly. Second, double check what your protein should really be. If you can't meet with a nutritionist, do a search online and find how much you should have - SP puts their protein amounts extremely high. It's possible you're getting plenty of protein but SP is wrong.

    Second, do some research on vegetarian/vegan meals. They have to get plenty of protein from plant sources, so that will give you some ideas.

    Third, have you tried yogurt, especially either greek or non-fat yogurt? These both have high protein without a ton of carbs and no fat. Dip high-fiber fruit in non-fat yogurt and you've got a great snack. You can also try nuts - they're high in fat but it's good fats. Peanut butter on a sliced apple is an incredible snack. Add in a small sandwich and you've got a great meal.

    Lastly, gas/bloating from milk products could mean lactose intolerance. Getting it from meat could mean your digestive system isn't liking something. Check with a gastroenterologist to see what they can find out. It could be you have an issue with just one item and changing your diet to avoid that will make all the difference. Keep a journal that talks about your symptoms, what makes them worse or better, and an estimate of how long it's been happening.
    3068 days ago
    I have the same exact problem. I hate meats so much. To me they are just really tasteless and I can only eat a small amount before I feel satisfied by them and want something different. My "go-to" proteins are tofu, quinoa, egg whites (i know you mentioned you don't enjoy these though), and as a last resort protein powder. The tofu is like a blank palette that you can flavor to anything you are craving. They also make tofu noodles in many different shapes, so it tastes like you are eating carbs, but really you are getting protein! As for the protein powder, the one I have is chocolate, so it tastes great. The down side is that it is a whooping 200 calories per scoop, so even though it has 25 grams of protein you pay for it in the calories. Good luck on your protein quest! emoticon
    3068 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Maybe peanut butter, protien bar, or whey? Good luck!
    3068 days ago
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