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My plan to stay on track during the holiday

Monday, November 26, 2012

emoticon I had to take a minute to think about what i can do that will help me stay on track during the holiday and i came up with these plans hopefully i can put them to good use and maneuver around all those sweet and delicious treats that are just sitting around in the office just waiting for some caring soul to pick up and devour emoticon no seriously you know every one will be offering you cookies and candy and you don,t want to turn them down because that might hurt there,re feelings so i will take those heavy laden goodies and say thank you have a nice Christmas or New years but i will hold on to them and give them to my son joshua he can stand to eat those kind of treats with out having any consequences later he eats pretty well so i guess he has a fast metabolism.

Plan 2) Is to stock up on healthy treats and find some new recipes from the spark menu to add them in so that i can have a variety of ways to make other foods that are not high calories or high in fat.

Plan 3) Watch my intake and get on the tracker to make sure i stay with in my calorie range.

Plan 4) Get more exercise daily and add more ST in my regime so that i can build muscle cause muscles help your body break down food and distributes the needed nutrients thru out your body and less of what is left over will be stored as fat.

Plan 5) Drink my 6-8 oz of water a day this is important because water is vital for your body to help flush out any impurities that might be lingering around and doing harm to your system.

plan 6) stay connected with spark people and continue to read the success blogs at least once a day because knowing that other people been down this path before and have successfully reach their destinations gives me the strength to get on my sneakers and get in my living room and push play on my DVD player even on days when i don,t feel in the mode to do anything i think about the benefits i will reap if I don,t give up ............... I have made this commitment to get fit and even though i haven,t figure out all the red tape behind losing weight i have learned a lot of healthy tips that i know will help me see my way on over to a more healthier and fit body one that i can be proud of accommodating well these are a few plans that i will be using to stay focused during the holiday i will be reading other blogs to get some more ideas. emoticon emoticon

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