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Positive thoughts

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What I did positive today:
1) A salad for dinner instead of the pizza bites that I fixed the kids.
2) A bottle of water with lunch instead of my traditional soda.
3) I logged everything I ate today - The second day in a row.

Though I know that there may have been more and that there were negative things that I did today I am not going to dwell on them. These things that I listed are the important things that I did right today. I feel it's important to note down the positive things not the negative. Dwelling on that isn't healthy.

Tomorrow is another day and I will log all my food intake again and feel better, no matter what the results are. Like the last 2 days I have gone over in some areas and fell short in some. But its not the point I want to focus on. I want to focus on the fact that I logged all my food.
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