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Friday, December 21, 2012

emoticon Well Ladies it is not all in our mind and it is not all with out malice or direct intentions.. I'm not sure why it is being done, but I am sure mad as Hell... I decided to play along today, no complaining, no oh why did you do this again or haven't we discussed this before, How much I need your support right now...
It all started with 3 boxes of poptarts, which is what I woke up to for breakfast. Ok, I figured....he's trying to be nice, after all I was up with one our dogs who fell off the couch and hurt himself. I'll eat one now and have the other for lunch or maybe just split the calories between lunch and breakfast. Put in a little extra cardio, too. Well that didn't work out as planned should have stuck with eating the second poptart for lunch...I had to bite my tongue, hubby left to go to the store and he comes back..Are you sitting, no really sit down...He is in the kitchen cooking, smells great. Plate of healthy looking taco salad with out the nachos, looks great, he sets up a T.V. tray in the living room and takes the plate in there and goes back to the kitchen. Here he comes back out with a box of Entenmann's donuts and hands them to me and said "I got these for you to eat today". Again I contained my anger and sat in total disbelief with my donuts on the couch ate 3 and had a second cup of Joe. All the while watching him eat a nice healthy meal... So I ask you, are we misunderstanding our saboteur's or are they deliberately sabotaging our efforts? emoticon
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    I just happened to read this blog and it does sadden me. I don't know your history but God knows so I just want to tell you I'm praying for you and your husband because there needs to be something done different in your life. He's able to do exceedingly abundantly ABOVE ALL we ask or THINK!
    Many Blessings Upon You Sweety!
    3041 days ago
    Did you stop to think that he was testing you to see if you were serious about wanting to change...and you fell right into his trap?

    You will never find out if you eat everything he puts in front of you. Stop being his guinea pig test subject. Stand up for yourself and don't play along with his games.

    Like others have said...throw it away and make yourself some good food!
    3041 days ago
    I agree with ASTRA58. Why didn't he make some of the taco salad for you? What kind of a meal is donuts; that's just insane. Throw it out and make yourself a good meal.
    3041 days ago
    I would definitely ask him. My ex-husband was a baker. For 20 years He was always making me treats and desserts which made me reach almost 300 pounds. When I lost 145 pounds. I told him I wanted healthier foods. He still continued making cheese cakes and cookies. I thought he was sabotaging me. After talking to him I discovered In the past I always loved the goodies and it was how he showed love for me. I would start and stop diets frequently. Once he understood that it was different and I was dedicated to my new healthy lifestyle the goodies stopped and he started making me sugar free treats and non food related gifts. Good luck. emoticon
    3041 days ago
    Maybe ask him why he feeds you junk that hurts your body and then feeds himself good food.
    3041 days ago
    Sorry you are going thru this...again!! If you've talked to him about it before and he's obviously not listening and doesn't care, YOU have to take it upon yourself to say NO!!!! You have to take care of YOU!! I think if he continues to do things like this, I would have to have a talk to him again, or think long and hard about what's best for you!!!! emoticon
    3041 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10752350
    Why don't you just tell him how you feel about this type of food and do it very nice and not in a way to start an argument because in my experience with men they are quite ignorant and insensitive about matters such as this...give him time and try to teach him because men have to be trained up the right way by their wives. emoticon
    3042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10954048
    ugh....I would have some choice words.

    My husband and I do have our spats about health, me mostly for weight, him for blood sugars. But, in particular with your husbands "I got these for YOU to eat" that would be a big NOOOOO in my hubby and my rules. He got them for HIM to eat and he is inviting you so he doesn't feel guilty. I hate the "it's okay if everyone else is doing it with me" mentality. Both my husband and I have gotten this way because our parents raised us that way. So, we don't spring junk food on the other one now, we both agree that we want some, and we should get a small portion. If he eats more he sure as hell doesnt do it around me and vice versa. Though I usually feel the most guilty.

    Stay strong. You are doing this for YOU. be the change you want to see. Plz let me know if I can do anything for you.
    3042 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/21/2012 12:57:58 PM
    Wow! I am saddened by reading your blog. What happened to the support the hey honey your doing great! HERE LET ME SAY IT HEY HONEY YOUR DOING GREAT! I don't Know what I would do if my other half did not support me. you need to make a stand and throw the junk out! explain that you will not eat that and that you would like him to respect your wishes for a new healthy life!

    I believe in you. You can do it. keep your head up and stay motivated use this blog and your anger to work hard at your goals! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3042 days ago
    You can't let him derail you like that. Just say "sorry honey I can't eat that" and THROW IT OUT if he doesn't take it away. He'll get the message.
    3042 days ago
    Sorry this is happening. Have you told him what you are trying to accomplish? After 30 years of on and off diets, my husband would just roll his eyes when I told him I was starting a new one. He would insist that he could eat whatever, and that meant filling the house with junk food. This time he is full on board though. It's a combination of my being diligent for many months now, the results showing, and his concern that I have to do this to be healthy. I've been trying out SparkPeople recipes, and he's getting the benefits of trying some really good and healthy dishes.

    Anyway, good luck to you. It's so much easier when our husbands are supportive, but we can do it alone if we have to.
    3042 days ago
  • ASTRA58
    Wow! That was pretty insensitive of your husband. I think the sabotage is deliberate. Did you say anything to him after the fact? I think that if he tries this in future, just take his "offering" and throw it directly in the garbage and then make your own food -- especially if it's a trigger food for you. It can't be helpful to have it in the house. He is obviously taking care of himself, but he's shown that he's not willing or able yet to do the same for you. Why didn't he make you a serving of healthy food while he was making himself one?

    I don't think you need to complain but I do think you need to have another talk with him about what's helpful and what's not. If he persists after that, you know that he won't be reasoned with and you will not be able to rely on him for support.

    3042 days ago
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