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Five Year Sparkversary

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tomorrow marks 5 years since beginning my Spark journey. A lot has happened in those five years.

January 16, 2008~ I joined SP at 175 lbs. In a few weeks, I was down to 170 lbs.

February 2008~ I found out that I was pregnant.

March 2008~ I found out that I was expecting TWINS! Morning sickness kicks in and I lose 14 lbs in about a week and a half.

November 03, 2008~ I give birth to two healthy babies; one girl and one boy. 170 lbs.

December 2008~ 143 lbs! I am soo excited that the weight is coming off! Caring for twins and a 2 year old expends a lot of calories, apparently. :)

February 2009~ Started back on SP; 148 lbs.

June 2009~ 167 lbs. By this point, I was suffering from postpartum depression pretty badly, so I finally went to see a doctor for some help.

June 2010~ 183 lbs.

January 2011~ 183 lbs. Got down to 178 lbs after a few weeks and then started gaining and then losing repeatedly over the next year til I got to my highest EVER weight of 188 lbs. (I also moved to a different state the end of February and started college that summer.)

January 2012~ 188 lbs. Got serious with SP again.

April 2012~ Got down to 174 lbs. Yo-yo'd a bit, getting down to 173.2 in August after restarting for the umpteenth time.

December 07, 2012~ 177 lbs. Started my "Fit by 30" journey. Got down to 171 lbs by the end of the year.

Today, January 15, 2013~ 167.2 lbs. Almost at goal one of losing 10 lbs. The goal date is February 1st.

So, I am down 7.8 lbs from my starting weight 5 years ago.
I am up 24.2 lbs from the lowest weight that I had reached in December 2008.
I am down 20.8 lbs from my highest EVER weight, which I had reached in January 2012.
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