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Weight Loss is so confusing

Friday, January 18, 2013

So every day I exercise close to an hour. Normally mixing it up with zumba, eliptical, biking. Always adding in toning videos and sometimes circuit training. My calories burned counter since Sunday is reading over 3000 calories. So I am all happy. I am think boy next weeks weigh in is really going to show a loss. So when I get on my bike the other night I pedaled for over 30 minutes around 14 mph varying my resistance. When I went to log it in Spark said I burned 2 times as many calories as my tracker on my Nordetrac. This morning I decide to wear my mio watch to see how many calories I burned working out and then for an hour after working out. Sadly it said with 40 minutes of Zumba I only burned 150 calories. When putting in zumba in sparkpeople it says I burned over 300. Again twice as much. Then I let my watch continue for the next hour. Normal stuff like getting ready for work, etc. It says I burn less than 60 calories per hour doing normal things. At that rate of 60 calories per hour I am not even meeting my BMR a day. In order to lose weight I would have to do zumba everyday for 40 minutes and reduce my calories by 200 just to break even and not gain weight. WHAT!!!!! Not sure what to believe. I know the calorie counter on spark it inflated but according to my watch which said I burned 150 calories doing zumba (40 calories of which I could burn just breathing) I only burned an extra 90 working out. No wonder my scale never moves or moves very little.

So I guess I will see on Tuesday if all of the extra hard working out paid off or not. Hopefully my watch is just inaccurate. Atleast I can dream it is because the reality if it is not is do depressing and makes me want to curl up with a bag of chips. If I am in the negative everyday whether I eat or note that is just sad.

Last night I had my cubscout meeting. we are all working on getting the athlete pin. So the boys have to log in 5 different exercises timed multiple times this month. Last night I had them do 5 minutes of warmup, a timed quarter mile run, set ups and push ups. It was so funny. The boys seemed to really enjoy it with the exception of 1. He is overweight and I felt bad that in 60 seconds he could only do 2 sit ups.

This weekend I have 6 children in addition to my 2 having a sleep over at my house for the kids birthdays. I am going shopping tonight for this weekend and I am going to try and buy some healthy options. Of course I purchased cake and they are having pizza but I wanted to buy some other things. I know I am making a fruit tray to go with the pizza. Maybe I will buy some all fruit bars for snack as well.

I have alot of cleaning to do tonight and tomorrow morning though I wonder if I should even bother. I am sure my house will look destroyed after 24 hours of 8 kids running around.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am hoping to get some alot of working out in while the kids play.
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    Some of those numbers are screwy. Frankly, I go for minutes because every machine is different, and sometimes the Sparks tracker is too generous. But look, 3,000 calories a week is awesome! I do a little over half of that and try to stay active all day. There is never a dramatic weight drop (it's painfully slow), but I love getting my minutes in! Plus, I feel great. You keep at it, and keep enjoying your exercises.
    3005 days ago
    I can't imagine that doing Zumba for 40 minutes only burns 150 calories... I am not really sure, but I think walking for that long burns more, even if you're not walking REALLY fast...

    One of my Sparkfriends found that if she worked out and burned more than 200 or so calories more than she ate, she wouldn't lose weight. However, if she stayed within a very specific "calorie deficit" range, she would lose. Slowly, sometimes not even a pound a week, but that was the only way she would lose any.

    I wish you all the best in your weight loss journey.
    3006 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3006 days ago
    But how do you feel? Are you proud of yourself for working out the way you do? Do you have more strength and stamina than you did before? Are you making healthier choices for you and your family? There are more victories than just a number on a scale. Keep it up and the weight will come off emoticon
    3006 days ago
    Confusing yes it is, emoticon When i work out on the elliptical for 25 minutes i have only burn around 280. But when i put it in spark it say around 400. then it tells me that i'm not taking in enough calories for counts. That can get a bit confusing and frustrating. I'll just keep logging what I see at the gym. I don't know if the machine is calibrate right or not.
    3006 days ago
    i would say average out what sparkpeople says and your watch and that is probably more of a an accurate fit. i would say you are burning around 200+ calories not 150. in any event, keep going. keep logging those minutes, either way, the scale may not show it, but i'm sure that you are creating more muscles, losing fat. try on some clothes that you haven't been able to wear something that was tight and uncomfortable. i would bet it fits a lot better now. we shrink but sometimes the scale does not reflect that. positive changes = positive results. the weight loss will come. and you may not be eating enough calories. i know that when i was working out a ton, 2 hours a day 6 x a week, i didn't lose any weight. sad fact, i wasnt' giving my body enough to eat so my body help onto the weight that i had. that is why calorie cycling really helped me out. high days, low days variety is what kept my body guessing.
    3006 days ago
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    Keep up the good work!!
    3006 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000

    3006 days ago
    Great Blog!

    Make Today a Great Day!
    3006 days ago
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